FW: Urge UN Members to watch C-SPAN “9/11 INSIDE JOB” on Aug. 1st

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-07-31 15:39:13

Urge UN Members to watch C-SPAN “9/11 INSIDE JOB” on Aug. 1st via Nila Sagadevan     —–Original Message—–From: Nila Sagadevan [mailto:nila@truepennymedia….]Sent: 31 July 2006 14:35To: 911 Research; US; Aero; INT’LSubject: Urge UN Members to watch C-SPAN “9/11 INSIDE JOB” on Aug. 1stURGE UN MEMBERS TO WATCH C-SPAN “9/11 INSIDE JOB” TODAY, AUG. 1ST
This will take you all of 2 or 3 minutes to accomplish and MAY CHANGE THE WORLD !  (Below find a message to send the UN members, and their emails)As you may know, Chavez of Venezuela is talking to other leaders about forming a global 9/11 truth investigation.  C-SPAN is airing the “9/11 Inside Job” 2 hour program AGAIN TODAY, Aug. 1st, for the 4th time.  BELOW YOU’LL FIND A MESSAGE AND THE EMAILS OF THE ENTIRE UNITED NATIONS PERMANENTE MISSIONS FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD.  Please A) Send the below message to them, and B) forward this entire email action on to all your contacts, urging them to do the same.  TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE C-SPAN’S AIRING IT LATER TODAY!!========================================THE SUBJ. LINE TEXT FOR UN MESSAGE:C-SPAN TODAY, Aug 1st, 6:10 EDT – 9/11 INSIDE JOB !!  Media MUST WATCH !!THE BODY OF MESSAGE TO SEND TO UN MEMBERS:It is incumbent upon ALL United Nations members to watch this program, and to investigate the evidence analyzed at BYU Physics Dept. proving 9/11 was an inside job, by way of the controlled demolition of the 3 WTCs.  Thermate/Sulfer traces on WTC debris.Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and other leaders are discussing launching a global International Tribunal to Investigate 9/11.  PLEASE JOIN THEM.This HISTORIC telecast can be seen worldwide over the internet as a video stream over the internet at www.c-span.org/homep… at *06:10 PM EDT*1:50 (est.) ForumSeptember 11th Terrorist AttacksAlex Jones ProductionsAlex Jones, rtd. Air Force Lt. Colonel Dr. Robert Bowman, BYU Physics professor Dr. Steven Jones, James H. Fetzer , Scholars for 9/11 TruthAt below link, click on the:American Perspectives: Sept. 11, V.P. Cheney, & Congress (07/29/2006)  to watch this C-SPAN coverage.  If there is a problem watching it from the C-SPAN site, another link is below of video coverage of the same event.www.c-span.org/homep… COVERAGE OF THE 9/11 INSIDE JOB EVENT C-SPAN COVERED:video.google.com/vid…, if you’ve yet to see the “LOOSE CHANGE” DOCUMENTARY – which is covered in a four-page article in “VANITY FAIR MAGAZINE”s AUGUST 2006 ISSUE:View the FREE ONLINE VIDEO DOCUMENTARY that raises many important issues regarding 9/11, by visiting:video.google.com/vid… MILLION AMERICANS NOW WANT AN INVESTIGATIONS OF POSSIBLE US GOVT. COMPLICITY IN THE ATTACKS OF SEPTEMBER, 11, 2001.  (Zogby poll)http://www.911truth.org/article.php?story=20060522022041421PLEASE FORM AN INTERNATIONAL TRIBUNAL TO INVESTIGATE THE EVENTS OF 9/11/2001, THAT HAVE LED OUR WORLD INTO WAR.======================================UNITED NATIONS MISSIONS OF ENTIRE WORLD:albania@un.int, algeria@un.int, andorra@un.int, agoun@undp.org, antigua@un.int, argentina@un.int, armenia@un.int, australia@un.int, austria@un.int, azerbaijan@un.int, bhsun@undp.org, bahrain@un.int, bangladesh@un.int, barbados@un.int, belarus@un.int, belgium@un.int, belize@un.int, benin@un.int, bhutan@un.int, bolivia@un.int, bosnia@un.int, botswana@un.int, braun@delbrasonu.org, brnun@undp.org, bulgaria@un.int, burkinafaso@un.int, burundi@un.int, cambodia@un.int, cmrun@undp.org, canada@un.int, cpvun@undp.org, caf@un.int, chad@un.int, chile@un.int, chnun@undp.org, columbia@un.int, comun@undp.org, congo@un.int, costarica@un.int, ivorycoast@un.int, croatia@un.int, cuba@un.int, cyprus@un.int, czechrepublic@un.int, drcongo@un.int, denmark@un.int, djibouti@nyct.net, dominica@un.int, dr@un.int, ecuador@un.int, egypt@un.int, elsalvador@un.int, guinea@un.int, eritrea@un.int, estonia@un.int, ethiopia@un.int, fiji@un.int, finland@un.int, france@un.int, gabon@un.int, gambia@un.int, georgia@un.int, germany@un.int, ghana@un.int, greece@un.int, grenada@un.int, guatemala@un.int, guinea@un.int, guinea-bissau@un.int, guyana@un.int, haiti@un.int, honduras@un.int, hungary@un.int, islun@undp.org, india@un.int, indonesia@un.int, iraq@un.int, ireland@un.int, israel.un@israelfm.o…, italy@un.int, jamaica@un.int, japan@un.int, jordan@un.int, kazakhstan@un.int, kenya@un.int, dprk@un.int, korea@un.int, kuwait@un.int, kyrgyzstan@un.int, laos@un.int, lvaun@undp.org, lebanon@un.int, lesotho@un.int, liberia@un.int, libya@un.int, liechtenstein@un.int, lithuania@un.int, luxembourg@un.int, macedonia@un.int, madagascar@un.int, malawi@un.int, malaysia@un.int, maldives@un.int, mali@un.int, malta@un.int, marshallislands@un.i…, mauritania@un.int, mauritius@un.int, mexico@un.int, micronesia@un.int, moldova@un.int, monaco@un.int, mongolia@un.int, morocco@un.int, mozambique@un.int, myanmar@un.int, namibia@un.int, nepal@un.int, netherlands@un.int, newzealand@un.int, nicaragua@un.int, niger@un.int, nigeria@un.int, norway@un.int, oman@un.int, pakistan@un.int, palau@un.int, panama@un.int, png@un.int, paraguay@un.int, peru@un.int, philippines@un.int, poland@un.int, portugal@un.int, qatar@un.int, romania@un.int, rwanda@un.int, rusun@un.int, samoa@un.int, sanmarino@un.int, stp@un.int, saudiarabia@un.int, senegal@un.int, seychelles@un.int, sierraleone@un.int, singapore@un.int, slovakia@un.int, slovenia@un.int, solomonislands@un.in…, somalia@un.int, southafrica@un.int, spain@un.int, srilanka@un.int, stkn@un.int, stlucia@un.int, stvg@un.int, sudan@un.int, suriname@un.int, swaziland@un.int, sweden@un.int, syria@un.int, tajikistan@un.int, thailand@un.in, togo@un.int, tto@un.int, tunisia@un.int, turkey@un.int, turkmenistan@un.int, uganda@un.int, ukraine@un.int, uae@un.int, tanzania@un.int, uk@un.int, usa@un.int, uruguay@un.int, uzbekistan@un.int, vutun@undp.org, venezuela@un.int, vietnam@un.int, yemen@un.int, yugoslavia@un.int, zambia@un.int, zimbabwe@un.int, francophonie@un.int, redcross@un.int, vatun@undp.org, switzerland@un.int, palun@undp.org#########################################################To be excluded from this group, please reply with “DELETE” typed in the subject line.

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