Re: Nice Analytical Post on our UK 911 Forum!

From: David Griffin

Date: 2006-08-11 18:57:26

This was really interesting.It’s like a microcosm of state/covert ops episodes where once you reach a ‘tipping point’ of data, you can form patterns and opinions.On another but related note – we have virtually proved in the past on another forum that we had an “official” chemtrails debunker for similar reasons and due to certain nuances in what this person said. DG== On 8/10/06, Andrew Johnson wrote:…   Just thought I’d wait until Jay Ref clocked off for the day before posting his/her track record, since joining this forum on July 20th. Joined Forum: 20th July 2006 Total Posts as at 9.20pm Weds 9th August 2006 = 223 Average posts per ‘working day’ = 14 Date: —-1st Post—-Last Post 9/8——–2.18pm—–8.57pm 8/8——–2.22pm—–9.12pm 7/8——–2.27pm—–9.03pm Sun 6/8————————– Sat 5/8—6.58pm—–7.50pm – (1hrs Overtime?) 4/8——–3.45pm—–8.41pm 3/8——–3.10pm—–6.32pm 2/8——–2.22pm—–8.59pm 1/8——–1.56pm—–9.13pm 31/7——-2.33pm—–9.16pm Sun 30/7———————— Sat 29/7———————— 28/7——-2.33pm—–9.03pm 27/7——-3.05pm—–9.07pm 26/7——-5.20pm—–9.45pm 25/7——-4.28pm—–7.09pm 24/7——-2.05pm—–10.54pm Sun 23/7————————- Sat 22/7———————— 21/7——-3.02pm—–10.17pm 20/7——-4.05pm——8.55pm In addition to the above, Jay Ref has posted on just two occasions outside of his/her ‘Office Hours’: 1) 1.25am on 28/7 2) 4.36am on 24/7 A few pertinent observations: 1). Jay Ref’s current assignment probably began on Monday 18th July; thereby allowing a couple of days to browse the forum before taking on the mantle of Forum Skeptic (or Sceptic as you say in England) 2). Jay Ref doesn’t work weekends, although he/she may have booked 1hrs overtime on Saturday 5th Aug. 3). Jay Ref starts work at 2pm (UK time) and finishes work at 9pm (UK time). I think it is safe to assume that Jay Ref probably works in either Washington D.C. or in Quantico, Virginia. Both locations are in the Eastern US Time Zone. So Jay Ref probably starts work at 8.00am (EST), has a coffee and a de-brief with his/her supervisor regarding the previous days activity on , along with any other parallel assignments. Posting commences at 9.00am. through 4.00pm; probably allowing an hour before clocking off to write up the required reports. Jay Ref is probably a College Graduate, recruited through the following program:… .html I could continue with the profiling of Jay Ref but I think you probably get the picture. I can already predict Jay Ref’s attempt to deny these observations … but the bottom line is that you should all be greatly encouraged that the pathetic minions of the genocidal Bush/Cheney administration feel it necessary to devote resources to engaging on this forum. In reality, if the guys (& gals) performing these BS assignments knew the real truth …they’d need a change of underwear. If this summary helps you to decide whether or not to invest your time engaging these pompous pr*cks, I’m glad to have been of service. The Watcher

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