Re: Sixto Paz Wells – “The Cosmic Plan”

From: David Griffin

Date: 2006-08-11 19:11:14

In addition I did a shrunken [shrinked?!?] DVD version of this and chucked it out on several torrent sites. It maintained a good degree of quality and I hit 300 downloads in the first 48 hours. Definately ranks as one of my favourite all time videos in this area. I think he gives one of the best overall one hour rundowns of non-Darwinistic evolution since Lloyd pye. Although they’re fairly different in many ways. I even sent Sixto a snail mail letter – because the guy is hard to track via :)Available on Piratebay torrent site if you have a client.Also recommeded – Black Ops Dual DVD – on torrent at also. Failing that… has these and should link in with 3 other torrent sites to maintain a decent sharing rate. DG= On 8/9/06, Andrew Johnson wrote: How has he packed all this into 50 minutes? It’s quite an achievement!…   Essential viewing.   Enjoy

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