F.G.B – Last UFO vid of day

From: David Griffin

Date: 2006-08-11 19:40:22

And while we’re diverted from terror speak still for a moment, I thought some people may like this *rare* classic – saw it a few years back and never tracked it down til Greylodge [weird conspiracy/psychedelic/arty/lit type site]  converted it from VHS. Link at base of image. If you don’t use torrents for downloading I’ll send you a DVD in UK if you mail me.== Robert Stone, 1992 The oddball documentary FAREWELL GOOD BROTHERS opens over the self-explanatory image of a piece of American folk sculpture: a crucified metallic figure, a robot, or “spaceman.” This sets the tone for a depiction of UFO believers as followers of a modern religion rather than a science. The world’s first recognized flying-saucer craze, or “flap,” happened in 1947 when the pilot of a light-plane reported seeing several flying disks in formation over Mount Rainer in Washington state. Aliens have been descending in the media ever since, especially in Hollywood fare like THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL (1951) and E.T.–THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL (1982). Rather than interview the usual showbiz types, like actors, directors, authors, or NASA spokesmen, filmmaker Robert Stone trains his camera on surviving members of the first wave of UFO gurus, who, like disciples of a new messiah, lectured and published at length on their supposed meetings with the friendly “space brothers.”This link here

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