A Response to the Aug 2006 Fake Terror Plot (Shampoo Bombers!)

I sent this, below, to quite a few media e-mail addresses and to many on my e-mail list, whom I asked to forward it to the same media addresses.

This resulted in me getting a call from Duncan Gardham of the Daily Telegraph.

This text can likely be adapted for most of the fake terror campaigns that are still to come (like the one in at London and Glasgow in Summer 2007)

Sent approx 11th Aug 2006 to BBC, ITN etc etc

Now the latest media terror frenzy fuelled by empty hysteria is well underway, I thought I would write a brief summary of the history of evidence for recent "terrorist" attacks, as a reaction to the rumour and speculation which we are being buried in by the mainstream media. I wrote most of this in response to someone who believed the latest fake terror plot was real.
Please make of it what you will and forward it to whomever you wish – I happen to think it’s exceedingly important information myself – maybe you don’t. Some of this is in "note form" to save time. Click the links for the evidence to which I refer.
Sept 11th 2001 – planes crashing, buildings blown up, people dead (No Arabs on passenger list, at least 6 named hijackers alive). Whole of WTC 7 is blown up with no plane crash and no Muslim involvement. Country’s air traffic brought to a standstill for 2 days. Recently,FBI itself has announced no "hard evidence" linking Bin Laden to attacks. (See www.st911.org and about 100,000 other websites for more details). A good observation and a clear understanding of why it is so important to raise awareness of 9/11 Truth (it could save lives) came from www.nineeleven.co.uk… :
London April 2005 – Muslims accused of making Ricin in London are released without charge by the court – there was no evidence against them (UK Guardian article covering the court case – now censored)
July 7th 2005 – People killed. Story of explosions changes from military grade to home made and back again. No moving CCTV of supposed Muslim bombers. They bought return tickets. Luton => London Train they were supposed to have caught was cancelled. Only one witness (who seems to have disappeared) actually reported suicide bombers. 1 dodgy (photoshopped) picture of Muslim men CARRYING RUCKSACKS (but what was in them, I wonder – we have no real evidence to suggest it was bombs. The men could have been going on a hiking trip in France.) See: www.julyseventh.co.u….


In the aftermath, Jean Charles De Menezes (JCDM – not Muslim), whom the police have presented no evidence to say he was guilty was "accidentally shot 7 times in the head" because someone thought he was a suicide bomber. No public enquiry, no prosecutions. news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/… (Aside: Imagine someone told JCDM that a policeman was a fake policeman and he was really a suicide bomber and needed to be shot. JCDM believes his source and shoots the policeman multiply in the head. What do you think would have happened to JCDM? The only difference here would be who was wearing the Uniform).
Suppose whoever is running things (those controlling the security services) put a story out in the media that Suicide Bombers are now dressing up as policeman. Would people buy such nonsense,  I wonder?
June 2006 – Forest Gate London – Muslims accused of making a "Chemical Bomb" (what bomb doesn’t have Chemicals in it?). One man is shot in the shoulder during the 250-strong raid. No evidence was found of the bomb. No prosecution of police. Men released with no apology (as of 13th June 2006) and no charge. (Chicago "terror cell" was essentially the same story – with a bit more window-dressing)
August 2006 – Supposed plot to blow up crash  planes. No one is killed. No planes crash. No bombs. UK air traffic brought to a standstill. Lebanon invasion and atrocity disappears from the the media. Everyone becomes a terrorist suspect having to take clear plastic bags on planes. There is a supposed Muslim plot – we have some high-minded statements about security services and intelligence (but when you listen they talk about "rumour" and are speculative "no specific threat" in the story above – only a list of names, which could have come from anywhere)
This is the evidence. These are the facts. The media is brainwashing people about the Muslim terrorist threat. A FOX news TV presenter (essentially) makes a death threat live on air against a Scholar who disagrees with propaganda (they are truly worried when he is part of a Muslim Jewish Christian Alliance – MUJCA – for 9/11 Truth). The presenter concerned is not prosecuted, cautioned and is not even taken off the air.
The actual evidence and facts, when you look at them, show the terrorism threat is at best exaggerated, at worst faked. Your attention has been diverted away from the heinous crimes in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon (and in New York and London too – in 2001 and 2005). It’s a  magician’s tactic and it works every time – until you know how the trick is done.
The longer we accept the fake terror stories from the media without question, the more we are at risk of succumbing to increasing loss of civil liberties and we allow the real criminals to get away.
On a slightly different note, I watched BBC 10 O‘clock news last night to see what the propaganda machine are churning out, and they actually mentioned the fact that there is a lot of scepticism regarding the terror scare.  The guest replied saying that the scepticism was justified and that if this turns out to be another dodgy plot then the government will lose all credibility with the MSM.  Which surprised me!  But on reflection this makes me think it more likely that a false-flag attack will be pulled off soon if even the BBC are questioning the authenticity of the current scare.
If you think this is all "nothing" or just a bunch of "idiot conspiracy theorists", then why do we have a petition of over 13,000 signatures asking for a new investigation into the events of 9/11 and for the authorities to release the evidence that has been withheld? (The same is now true for July 7th)
Let no one be in any doubt about the choices we have now. We are in pivotal times. So what will you do?
Over to you – thank you for reading and good luck.

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