The Truth about the “Terror Plot”

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-08-23 11:53:49

  THE TRUTH ABOUT THE “TERROR PLOT”…. …AND THE NEW ‘PSEUDO-TERRORISM’     So far there has been very little serious critical discussion, grounded in factual analysis, of the alleged “Terror Plot” foiled on the morning of Wednesday, 10th August 2006. Inspection of the facts raises serious problems for the 10/8 official narrative, and suggests that multiple intelligence services have exaggerated and in some cases fabricated evidence.   Security sources on both sides of the Atlantic say that there was no imminent threat, insufficient evidence about the alleged plot, British objection to the arrest of Rashid Rauf, confirmation of his torture in Pakistan, and deep penetration of the network allegedly involved by several intelligence agencies.…     ===================================Nafeez Mosaddeq AhmedExecutive DirectorInstitute for Policy Research & DevelopmentSuite 301, 20 Harewood AvenueLondon NW1 6JXTel/fax: +44(0)207 724 2860Web: www.globalresearch.o…————————-Associate Tutor[For courses in Political Theory, International Relations and Contemporary History]Department of International Relations & PoliticsSchool of Social Science and Cultural StudiesUniversity of Sussex, FalmerBrighton BN1 9SNEmail:….   7/7 London Bombings:www.independentinqui…   My

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