NME – Lead Singer of Muse directs people to “Terrorstorm”

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-08-30 09:47:12

The NME is the New Musical Express – Britain’s main Popular Music Newspaper.   www.nme.com/news/mus…   Muse play bombastic Reading show ‘Every moment was up!’ says Matt Bellamy Muse closed the second day of the Carling: Weekend Reading tonight (August 26) with a stunning hits heavy set.The three-piece played tracks from ‘Black Holes & Revelations’ including current single ‘Starlight’.The biggest cheers of the evening, however, were reserved for the classics ‘Plug In Baby’,’New Born’ and ‘Feeling Good’.Speaking to NME.COM after coming off stage frontman Matt Bellamy explained the gig had being a special one for his band.”It was one of those rare gigs where every moment was up,” he said. “We always had this thing where I’d say to band ‘have we made it now?’ and they say ‘Nah, not until we’ve headlined Reading’, that was the thing, now we’ve done it.”The singer also explained the meaning behind his shirt, on which he’d scrawlled Terror storm.”Go to Google Video, type in Terror Storm and you’ll find a nice little surprise. It will shed some light on world affairs, put it that way. I rather point you in the direction then preach about it myself.”Muse played:’Knights Of Cydonia”Hysteria”Supermassive Black Hole”Showbiz”Map Of The Problematique”Forced In”Bliss”Butterflies”Feeling Good”Invincible”Starlight”Plug In Baby”New Born”Time Is Running Out”Stockholm Syndrome”Take A Bow’Stay tuned to NME.COM/festivals for full coverage from both sites of the Carling Weekend: Reading and Leeds Festivals including news, pictures and blogs, and check out next week’s issue of NME out August 30 for the ultimate festival review.    

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