Olbermann Address Follow-up

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-09-21 15:26:51

Following the Olbermann Segment I sent the link round to recently, I commented as follows:   I am increasingly of the view that the Bush regime will be blamed for 9/11 publicly soon and possibly there will be some type of coup resulting in Martial law. Perhaps then, UN troops will be welcomed into the country to ultimately help form a New Government. By that time, maybe we will be merged into the European Union – and its government will be the same one managing the future American situation. And that will be even closer to… you know what.   One of the people (David in Canada) on this list sent his thoughts about my suggestion     Andrew,   The theory you are suggesting has been thrown around for a while but I don’t buy it yet.  It is costly, risky and I think the powers-that-be can get what they want without going that far.   Martial law in the US cannot be enforced by conventional means.  UN troops even if available are not available in anything close to sufficient numbers. Even if they were available in large enough numbers, the logistics of supporting them and guarding their supply lines would be beyond the means available to the combined efforts of the entire UN (minus the US).   The US is a huge country and has more firearms in private hands than in any other country.  It would be a complete nightmare to hold in line.  The resulting chaos would be catastrophic for the world economy.  Many members of the economic elites would “suffer”.  Therefore a less chaotic scenario seems more likely.   A wildcard would be enforcement by unconventional means, i.e. advanced technology.  It is difficult to see that the infrastructure and loyal operators needed for that is in actually in place.  If it is somehow, maybe they can pull it off but I don’t think they need to go that far yet.   I can go on but I think you can see where I am coming from.   However, parts of the theory are more plausible.  They could be getting ready to dump Bush.  And they could use 911 long with Iraq lies and bungling as excuses to do it.  Bush and parts of his circle are pushed out.  A new crowd comes in that cannot be linked to 911.  911 is removed as a reform issue but Iraq and Afghan (which now exist as problems no matter how they started) plus the Iran and Palestine situations remain on which to help pin down various fears, distractions and creeping police state.   The end result looks outwardly like a major change and even a “victory for democracy” but essentially it is business as usual with the major players still running the show.   Either way, let’s look for a better result.      

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