Freedom to Fascism: A Great Call-to-Action Film (w/ slightly revise

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-10-03 23:44:39

Download Aaron Russo’s film if you wish! Andrew —–Original Message—–From: Red Pill [mailto:question0911@gmail.c…]Sent: 03 October 2006 16:56To: Dennis JOSubject: Freedom to Fascism: A Great Call-to-Action Film (w/ slightly revised intro)Click the following link to download it (link only valid until approximately October 5th, so download it now if you want it): Aaron Russo – America: Freedom To Fascism (DivX6.1).avi (about 715 MB)   This is absolutely the best ‘big picture’ documentary I have seen, by the producer of ‘The Rose’ and ‘Trading Places’. A must-see! Though focused on the unambiguous hallmarks of fascism in America, the pattern of systematic government lying, disregard for its own laws and media complicity seems to apply in varying degrees to almost all Western countries.   “Freedom to Fascism” approaches the subject by starting with the illegal US federal income tax – a topic which even selfish people are likely to care about. It shows that many US juries have consistently refused to convict non-filers despite contrary instructions from judges. Why? Because there is simply no US law that requires people to file a personal income tax return. In fact, Supreme Court rulings clearly state that the personal income tax currently levied is anti-constitutional – and even the IRS Code admits that filing is ‘voluntary’. Unfortunately, it is also true that many judges railroad their juries into conviction despite the clear lack of a law – just as gun-toting IRS agents routinely harass citizens and confiscate goods and papers without any legal basis. The inescapable conclusion is that this is a regime whose rule is ultimately based on guns, not law.   Hopefully this approach will help people to grasp the fact that their government regularly uses its many guns to coerce its citizens without any legal basis at all. Or to put it more bluntly, Americans need to open their eyes to the fact that fraudulent and criminal behavior on the part of the US Government is an everyday occurrence. Where given the chance, many jurors do not cooperate. But few judges are this brave. And more importantly, the media will not report on it.   Americans hear phrases like ‘it’s a free country’ repeated day in and day out. The current regime loudly proclaims at every opportunity that it is “protecting [Americans’] freedoms”, with the clear implication that there are a lot of those freedoms left to protect. This dogma is repeated so often that few people dare question it publicly. But repeating something 1000 times doesn’t make it true.   In fact, in all too many ways it is no longer a free country at all. Though many Americans are blinded by all the word games as well as their own selfishness, instinctively most people are aware that something is seriously rotten in this state of Denmark. Sadly, the centralized ownership of almost all media has stopped the press from carrying out its role of turning these feelings into words.   This film helps focus those feelings and put them into words. With the US Constitution increasingly abrogated and ignored, voting fraud rampant, over half of the federal budget being spent on endless wars, and 100% of personal income tax collected being used to pay ‘interest’ to the unnamed banks that own the Federal Reserve (for money created out of thin air), the freedoms that Americans once enjoyed are being squeezed and even wholly eliminated in many areas. The cords that control and restrict people are being drawn ever tighter – with the result that the paltry ‘freedoms’ of today’s America bear little resemblance to those of 100, 50 or even 20 years ago.    While this sorry state of state of affairs can be described with many words, the historical word ‘fascism’ does seem to fit the facts quite well. It’s true – most people dislike this term, because they instinctively associate American society/government with ‘good’, and ‘fascism’ with ‘evil’. But that’s all the more reason why fascism is a good choice of word. Americans need to wake up from the debilitating illusion that despite all the well-known lies and misdeeds their government is somehow intrinsically ‘good’.   They also need to wake up from the illusion that there is a meaningful debate taking place between Republicans and Democrats on the important issues. There isn’t. For one thing – as historically was the case in other fascist states – the opinions of the legislative and judicial branches of government have become increasingly irrelevant. But more importantly, in the one remaining active branch of government – the executive branch – the central policy of presidents of either color seem almost distinguishable: the inexorable establishment of government control over all aspects of American life**. All this typically all in the name of ‘security’ and ‘order’ – and in good fascist tradition ultimately in the service of those who control the money. As Aaron Russo says towards the end of the movie: “Stop being a good Republican. Stop being a good Democrat. Start being a good American.”   ** One big tip-off: Notice that ‘security’ measures and other restrictions of civil liberties have almost never been rolled back. The Big Brother model was put into place long before 9/11, and in fact was significantly expanded AFTER the collapse of the Soviet Union – the US Government’s principal 40-year excuse for limitations of civil liberties. If parties were truly free to espouse different opinions on this crucial issue, in a pluralistic society at least occasional partial rollback would seem probable.   In the end the people have to stick up for themselves and demand their country back. This film is a concrete Call to Action to do just that.   P.S. Aaron Russo’s website www.freedomtofascism… provides one way to get started – a place to sign up to participate in boycotts, marches and other forms of civil disobedience. “History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period … was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.” – MLK

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