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From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-10-07 12:52:05

www.coasttocoastam.c… Soviet UFO Reports: Audio www.checktheevidence…   Author and UFO researcher Philip Mantle shared his investigations into Soviet-era UFO phenomena. The massive Tunguska blast of 1908 may have been caused by the collision of some type of constructed craft, as the object seemed to change course before exploding, he reported. The light was so intense from the explosion that it actually turned night into day in a photograph taken in Leeds, England at the time, he added. The KGB conducted a large scale study of UFOs and determined there were craft flying in our skies that were not of manmade origin. One incident in the Kola Peninsula, in particular, sent Soviet military brass into a panic, said Mantle. A UFO was observed at close quarters affecting their communications systems. More recent accounts include the 1987 Voronezh sighting, where witnesses described UFO occupants and TASS, the official Soviet news agency, sent out a press release about it. There have also been UFOs seen over Chernobyl and the battlefields of Chechnya, and even the cosmonauts aboard the Mir space station reported seeing an unknown craft shadowing them, he noted. Mantle outlined three different explanations of UFOs– the ET hypothesis, secret military technology and balls of light made by the Earth, such as in Marfa, Texas. He also gave details of his investigation into the ‘Alien Autopsy’ footage, and his contacts with Ray Santilli, the man behind the hoax. www.coasttocoastam.c…   Corso & UFOs   Best-selling author William J. Birnes joined George Noory to announce the release of their new book, Worker in the Light. Both George and William Birnes discussed their longtime friendship and what led to the two writing the book together. Birnes also spoke of Col. Philip Corso, who he was, how they got together to co-write The Day After Roswell, what’s in his notes and why. Birnes revealed that Corso had amazing knowledge about the truth of the Roswell crash and the alleged alien technology that has influenced today’s technology. Corso also knew of many other government conspiracies which Birnes discussed. He also spoke about Betty and Barney Hill who on September 19, 1961, were heading home to Portsmouth when they encountered aliens. Today is the anniversary of that event. Later in the show, Birnes spoke of a strong possibility of a major magazine breaking the story about the truth behind UFOs, possibly in the next few weeks. www.coasttocoastam.c… Lake Superior F-89 & Mystery Object Audio: www.checktheevidence…  During the first half of the show, reporter and editor for Earthfiles, Linda Moulton Howe, shared her research into the famous Kinross F-89 jet fighter that disappeared over Lake Superior on November 23, 1953. She said the F-89 had been ordered to investigate a rapidly moving UFO being tracked on radar by Kinross AFB. According to reports from the time, the radar blip of the UFO “swallowed” the radar blip of the aircraft and it was never seen again. Recently released photos taken by Great Lakes Dive Company show the remains of an F-89 at the bottom of Lake Superior, Linda explained, as well as a strange, teardrop-shaped object located 212 feet from the plane’s wreckage. Using a combination of Sharc2 side scan sonar and ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) technology, the company was able to verify the F-89’s tail number and get further details on the unknown object next to it. In Linda’s interview, Great Lakes Dive Company spokesman Adam Jimenez described the “mystery object” as smooth, metallic and large, with the exposed area of the object measuring 8 feet by 15 feet. Jimenez said the forensic evidence seems to point to a low-speed, low-level collision of these two objects. Linda also talked about the current nationwide E. coli outbreak blamed on tainted bagged spinach, and stayed on to take calls from listeners into the third hour. For the remainder of the program, George offered Open Lines with a special ‘We Are Not Alone’ hotline. www.checktheevidence…   www.coasttocoastam.c… Ufology Update Ufologist and physicist Stanton Friedman returned to discuss various aspects of the UFO field. Among the preponderance of evidence for ET craft, he cited the 30% of cases that couldn’t be identified in one Blue Book study, the 1968 Congressional Hearings, and Ted Phillips‘ collection of over 5,000 physical trace cases. Friedman also commented on one of the “darker” sides to ufology– reports that many military pilots and their planes were lost to UFOs. The pilots, on various occasions in previous decades, were sent to “shoot down” UFOs, and many of these craft, according to sources, simply disappeared on these missions, never to be seen again.Exploring the “why” of UFOs, Friedman said that there could be multitudinous reasons for ETs to visit Earth. Our planet is one of the densest in the solar system, he noted, and they may be interested in mining heavy metals. But he believes one of the biggest reasons they are here, is their concern over their own survival and security and they have chosen to monitor Earth, now that we have nuclear weapons. Interestingly, he speculated they might use some type of nuclear fusion as their propulsion system to get here, though their “motherships” might be hiding out on the backside of the moon or an asteroid.

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