Photos of World Trade Center rubble, Sept. 13, 2001

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-10-09 09:10:26

I hadn’t seen these before.     Link:  World Trade Center, September 13, 2001       This is very strange.      Where are the tons of concrete from 110 floor slabs and the huge, thick core?  There should be large chunks of concrete piled up.      How come the steel is cut into nice 30 ft long pieces easy to cart away?  There should be huge sections of columns and beams, some perhaps as much as 10 storeys high.      Why isn’t the pile of rubble 20 or more storeys high?  These were 110 storey towers with floor slabs that supposedly came pancaking down on top of each other.      Where are all the desks and computers and office equipment and supplies?  If they melted away, then the heat at all levels inside the collapsing towers must have been extremely intense.  Pancaking buildings don’t produce heat like that.         Why have the streets been hosed off for blocks around?  How could they have done that so fast?  Were these pictures taken only 2 days after the collapses?      It all looks more like controlled demolition, where structural columns and beams are cut with explosives into nice, relatively small pieces that fit onto flatbed trucks for easy disposal.      This is not what would happen if fires from planes hitting up high on the towers caused a progressive pancake collapse of the 110 floors.      For just one moment, forget the official story told of why the towers fell.  Suspend judgement and look at the photos in light of the questions above.  What do you see and what do you not see that should be there?    

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