The Disclosure Question – Introduction

Thank you for reading this. I have compiled this website because I feel it important that as many people as possible should be given a chance to review the information here and draw their own conclusions. I realise this takes time (after all, I have spent a considerable number of hours reading and viewing this material myself, as well as compiling it). I ask you to spend as much time as you are able to and go through the material on this website. Clearly, I have already gone through this process, and come to my own conclusion – which has resulted in me writing these words…

Whether this website is of interest to you or not, please share it with anyone who may have an interest. I am also very interested to hear your own views on any topics covered here or related experiences you may have had. If this set of information I present seems in some way inadequate or wrong, I would be very interested to hear results of your own research and why you disagree with what is presented here. (Please be aware, however, that I have already considered many of the more sceptical standpoints and decided that do not explain well enough what people have experienced. Also, I am not especially concerned with arguing about the smaller details which are, in many cases difficult to pin down.)

In the text below, you will see links and you can click on these to learn more about whatever topic is mentioned. If for instance, I refer to a radio interview, you can click on the link to hear the actual interview (provided your computer has the correct software installed).

So what am I talking about? I am primarily talking about something called The Disclosure Project which, in May (2003), I decided to become involved with, entirely on a voluntary basis and on my own initiative. What I mean is, no one came calling at the door!! Some of you will already be aware of this and some of you will not. I have no idea how many of you will care.

The Disclosure Project is a movement to try and obtain official disclosure of the knowledge about the Extraterrestrial presence on and around the Earth. Don’t get me wrong – it sounds unbelievable – I haven’t gone mad or joined a cult or anything like that. The fact that you just had this thought in your head after reading the last sentence is merely an indication of the scale of the problem – i.e. the problem of getting this topic any kind of credible exposure outside the "niche" in which it has been placed. And no, I don’t think it’s an illusion, or a statistical anomaly or some kind of massive mis-perception or illusion. Please study this material and come to an opinion.

Here, I present a selection of material in support of my "legal case", the bulk of which has been downloaded from the Web. I present it in this way to save you the time and cost of downloading it yourself. If you watch the Disclosure Press Conference Video on this website (you may need to install some software), that will give you a broad overview of what some (formerly highly responsible) people are now prepared to say publicly.

I came across the Disclosure Project’s Web Site following some research (that’s the old-fashioned and "more serious-sounding" term for "web-surfing"). I was trying to find information after watching Britain’s Closest Encounter (aired in March 2003 on BBC 3). Because I had recently got a fast Internet connection, I was able to download a large video file (it’s a free download – included on this website), which plays for nearly 2 hours. This video was of a press conference, held in Washington DC in May 2001. It covers something that has been in hot dispute since about 1947 – the reality of "UFOs". This is a subject I first studied in some detail about 20 years ago, as part of my General Studies ‘A’ Level Project. The press conference video had a considerable effect on my views – strengthening what I have always held as a suspicion into a more concrete, evidence-based, conclusion.

It now seems abundantly clear to me that we cannot rely on the mainstream media to provide good quality, balanced coverage of this topic, for reasons that may also become clear to you if you study the material presented here. Other factors, which I will discuss later, also seem to work against acceptance of the validity of this material, and what it shows as the most likely conclusion.

And if you’re now thinking "oh yeah – get real – there is nothing to this topic – it has no basis in fact", I would ask you to look at the information here and watch and listen to the numerous testimonies made – then realise that these are only "the tip of the iceberg". I am fairly well aware of the range of materials available on this whole subject, and the wide range of beliefs it encompasses. The scale of this issue is enormous – it affects all aspects of our lives – past, present and future. It crosses all boundaries – social, religious, political, technological, geographical and even spiritual – but bizarrely, few people seem to be aware of this and even less would care to think of it in this way. The reasons why this topic is so important are highlighted by the aims of the Disclosure Project, an overview of which can be read here.

It seems clear to me that one’s position or view on the subject of UFO’s and Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI) falls somewhere in the following categories:

  1. Has no real interest, no real knowledge.
  2. Has some interest some knowledge, but considers the subject largely irrelevant.
  3. Has interest and knowledge but considers UFOs to be "all in the experiencer’s mind", with no evidence of their "objective reality" (i.e. as real physical objects). Therefore the subject is only a curiosity, a mystery if you will, about which we are unlikely to find any real answers (i.e. fairly sceptical).
  4. Has interest and knowledge considers themselves open minded – there might be "something in it" (less sceptical).
  5. "Believer" – believes there is evidence that UFOs are real physical objects and perhaps one explanation is that they are intelligently controlled and possibly Extra-Terrestrial Craft.
  6. "Experiencer" has seen or had a UFO-related experience and knows of their physical reality, in one way or another.

Within each of these categories, there are a number of subdivisions which people might place themselves in. There is also a common perception that "no answers are available" as to "what is going on". This is simply not the case – some fairly coherent and rational answers are available to explain some things – but few people are prepared to listen to them, let alone accept them.

Although I regard myself as a fairly "grounded" person, I am actually someone who falls into categories 5 and 6. I have also had a long interest in the Paranormal Phenomena that, though well – documented, do not seem to fit very well into our current understanding of "the way the universe works", and are often (even "generally") regarded either as fantasy, delusion or the result of hoaxing or trickery of one kind or another. Alternatively, they get tucked away in that "way out wacky" arena of things where people often seize on phenomena and explain them in narrow terms and use them as some kind of basis for their "cult".

As a general comment, people who could be categorised in groups 1-4 (above) seem to hold a kind of prejudiced view against those in groups 5 and 6. On occasion, it seems, the level of prejudice between people in groups 1 or 2 and 6 can be as high as that experienced by those who have political views which differ strongly from "the majority" or prevailing view.

For those of you who have studied this subject before, you must forgive any statements I make which seem obvious or condescending. If any such statements are present, it is because I am attempting to get across ideas to people who may be "uninitiated" in the subject.

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