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In the table below, you will find what I consider to be important Video Evidence about the subject. I think that because it is perhaps the most important, it is also the most controversial.

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The bottom section contains other related material.

Witness Testimony and Related Views


Disclosure Press Conference Video 
This is the video from the Disclosure Project Website of the Press Conference given on May 9th 2001. 21 Retired Military and Government Personnel state their readiness to swear an oath to Congress about their own experiences. One question might be – whatever you think of the Witnesses, WHY did this not receive more press coverage? (Answer: See the Introduction Page!!)

Eisenhower’s Leaving Address 
He doesn’t even mention UFOs or ETI but listen to the whole speech (about 15 minutes long) and consider his remarks about the "Military Industrial Complex".

Leslie Kean 
Leslie Kean speaks briefly, at a Press conference, about the Cometa Report. Read her essay about the failure of science to properly address the UFO ETI phenomenon.

Jean-Louis Naudin Lifter model. Though you can’t see it in the video, the model is tethered by a positive and negative wire. More details are on this page.

Star Child 
This is Lloyd Pie telling the story of the "Starchild" Skull. Decide what you think about it all.

Robert Jacobs

This clip is from a documentary called "Out of the Blue" which was broadcast on the US Sci-Fi channel in June 2003. In 1964, former US Air Force Lt. Bob Jacobs, was in the 13-69th photo squadron at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. His mission was to film an Atlas Rocket go through all three stages of powered flight. Upon developing the film they discovered that the camera captured something they didn’t excpect. According to Jacobs, when the rocket was traveling between 11 and 14 thousand miles per hour, a saucer shaped craft entered the frame.

To hear more about this click here.

Gordon Cooper

This clip is from a documentary called "Out of the Blue" which was broadcast on the US Sci-Fi channel in June 2003. Gordon Cooper has denied that any craft were seen during space missions. However, he didn’t initially talk about what he saw on the ground.

In 1955, while stationed at Edwards Air Force Base, Mercury 7 Astronaut Gordon Cooper witnessed an event that has yet to be explained nearly 50 years later. He was supervising the filming of a precision landing facility for F-86 fighter jets. Suddenly, a saucer-like craft flew directly over the cameraman. Three landing gear apparatus opened, and the object landed on the dry lake bed.

14th May 2004 – Steven Bassett on FOX News
In March 2004, Mexican military pilots filmed and tracked 11 objects on radar. The military, in an unusual step, chose to release this film to the public. In what could be a landmark in the Disclosure pattern, X-PPAC activist Steve Bassett comments, in no uncertain terms about the film which was released. You decide what you think of the message.

Selected Videos of Objects

One’s immediate reaction, perhaps even more than with witness testimony, is to feel that whatever pictures are being shown are very much likely the result of an outright hoax or some other trickery. Certainly, there are many photographic fakes. Latterly, it is possible to use CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) to produce very convincing videos – such as this one (watch the whole clip to see the "close up" section – you’ll probably agree that apart from the "wobble", it looks too good to be true. It seems that someone perhaps took a video of a plane or helicopter flying over the city, loaded it onto a computer and then used special software to generate a UFO model and then animate it and light it to match the original path of the aircraft.)

It therefore becomes much more difficult to give any authenticity to any footage of strange lights in the sky. You are therefore really left in the same position as with the Witness Testimony – all of it could be true, or none of it could be true.


Romanek UFO 1 


Romanek UFO 2 
These are 2 short video clips taken by Stan Romanek. Read about his experiences on these pages. Listen to his story here and here. Decide for yourself what has happened to him.

St Petersburg, 1997
This was filmed in February 1997. At first sight, this doesn’t look that unusual. However, be aware that it was filmed by 3 or 4 different people. If you watch the clip, you will see that 2 different sections show a "flash" near the object and, if you look closely, you can also see the different viewpoints from which the footage was taken. More information here.

British Columbia UFO, 2003
This very unusual clip was taken with a digital video camera in British Colombia (Canada) in August 2003. More information here. Please be aware of the (short) instance of bad language in this clip (the F-word!)

Area 51 Object
This short clip shows something filmed from just outside Area 51. It is not very "spectacular" but this is very much like an object I saw in 1975.

Bedhamption, UK, 2002


Bedhamption, UK, 2003
What exactly did Anthony Woods film in Bedhampton in 2002? It’s certainly not like anything I’ve seen before.

Alien Autopsy?
Remember this (from 1995)? It received a lot of publicity. It was said to be an Autopsy of the Aliens who were found in the Roswell crash. It was then largely regarded as an elaborate hoax – though no one was able to prove this. What if someone had said the Aliens were from the Roswell Crash, but actually, they were from a different crash? Read this and decide for yourself. Very recently, there have been indications that the film is a hoax – but may, in fact, have been copied from or "inspired by" another film.

Other Material


Roswell (TV Movie, 1994)

This is the complete film (approx 90 mins in length). It seems there are arguments for and against including this on this CD. It is classed (on the video cassette case) as "Science Fiction". It does seem, however, that the majority of the Historical Events recounted were real. The Mortician, Glen Dennis. (who, at one point, was asked to supply body caskets) is a Disclosure Project Witness.

The film tells the story of Major Jesse Marcel, who died in 1986 (see this document for more information about him and some of the other military people involved). He was one of the first people to see the debris from the crashed disk (or whatever you care to believe it was). The events shown in the movie tie up very well with other things which I have read, although the "re-union" event and the character of Townsend (Sheen) are likely to have been fictitious, included to make it into a "human" story rather than just some kind of documentary.

I felt that the opening and closing minutes of the film capture very well indeed, in the face of official denial, the "dilemma" of the whole subject .

Pathe News Story
This is not evidence, merely an example of media reporting (from Pathe News). Though the report is not unduly biased, it does paint the UFO investigators as nerdy types etc who apparently are easily fooled by a model. There have been a number of similar hoaxes to the one shown here – the most recent of which was shown on Channel 4 in October 2003. I heard of a similar exercise conducted in the early 80’s by The Skeptical Enquirer.

Was it Only a Paper Moon?

In recent years, there has been a lot of debate about the authenticity of the Moon Landing films. Whilst the reality of Moon Rock seems to be beyond question, could it have been collected by people other than the Astronauts? Most people talk about the lighting anomalies on the photos (e.g. reflections and "fill in light" where there should be only shadows). There appear to be many. This Web Video (VERY basic quality) highlights these and other difficulties – it seems the Lunar Rover vehicle might have been too big to fit in the Command Module, the Astronauts Space Suits were too big for them to get in and out of the LEM (Lunar Excursion Module). It is all very odd – as you are dealing with things which are fairly easy to measure. The main points of the video can be found here.

What did Neil Armstrong Mean when he made this speech in 1994?

These remarks were given NEIL ARMSTRONG  at the White House on WEDNESDAY, JULY 20, 1994 during a ceremony commemorating the Apollo 11 mission. (Click for video clip and watch the accompanying body language).

"Today we have with us a group of students, among America’s best. To you we say we have only completed a beginning. We leave you much that is undone. There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of the truth’s protective layers. "

Original Story:…:

Related Material


The Carlyle Organisation 
Most people accept that "Power Corrupts". This documentary, (from this page) broadcast on Dutch TV describes the links between the American Bush "dynasty" (George C and George W) and Defence-related business deals with Saudi Arabia and other countries. The first minute or 2 of this programme is in Dutch, The remainder is in English. This ties up with an article I read on… regarding the nature of state-sponsored terrorism.George Bush (senior) was head of the CIA and denied President Carter access to UFO related information.

O’Keefe’s Press conference about the new NASA Space Explorarion Initiative
In January 2004, not long after the "100 years of powered flight" anniversary, NASA Administrator Sean O’Keefe held a press Conference to outline NASA’s new exploration initiatives for the moon and Mars, following President Bush’s announcement. I watched the video. Other than the completion of ISS (International Space Station) and the retirement of the Space Shuttle, few clear dates are given and no real specifics are discussed. Looking from a "Disclosure Project Point of view", is this just a smoke screen so that even more money can be obtained by The Military Indusctrial Complex to use in Black Projects? Lots of waffle here – why?

ESA Mars Express Mission 1
Mars Express appears to have found evidence of recent liquid water on Mars – why hasn’t this been found before? There have been plenty of American probes – why are the ESA pictures so much better?

ESA Mars Express Mission 2

Coral Castle, Florida
This may seem a bizarre link to include, but in my view, this Florida Tourist Attraction can not have been constructed using conventional methods and there seems to be considerable evidence that "levitation" was used – merely Anti-Gravity in another form! Read more here and here and here

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