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UFO Related Links


 A Very British UFO Hoax 
This article tells of a delibarate hoax carried out for a Channel 4 programme, broadcast in October 2003

American Computer Company – Original "Policy on Roswell"


Same Page as of August 2003 


Bell Labs to Take a Powder


Revelations behind IBM’s Salacious Attack 


What this is all about__
The American Computer Compnay claims that its investigations show that companies like IBM and AT & T were given "something" by the military. The bulk of the story is told in this article. In about July 2003, they had this page on their Web Site about their "Roswell Policy". By August 2003, this page had replaced it on their Web Site

 BBC – Press Office – UFO Night 
A little bit of info on Britains Closest Encounter.

CNN – Air Force says of Roswell ‘Case Closed – June 24, 1997 
The USAF’s "final" word on the Roswell Incident

A summary of the 90 page Report, published in France in 1999.

 David Adair is held against his will in Washington DC 
David Adair was going to be a Disclosure Witness, but he was treated strangely (probably Stephen Greer’s idea)

 Daylight Saucer Captured On Video In BC 
Some of the background info on this video.

Dulce & Other Underground Bases and Tunnels


Dulce Report


Phil Schneider and Dulce


For some years, people have made bizarre claims about underground bases. Could it really be true? Decide for yourself.

List of Possible UFO-ET Craft Crashes and Retrievals
Roswell seems to be the main incident that is known about. Here is a list of nearly 100 possible incidents, including one possible event that happened thousands of years ago. Could there really have been a crash in Gwynedd (Wales) in 1974? Clearly Andy Roberts (at the end of this programme) and others like him do not think so.

Starchild Skull


 Starchild Skeptic
Could this really be the physical evidence that is claimed? I believe there is a strong chance it is, but maybe you agree with the Skeptical Article (which fails to discuss the 40% bone density and X-ray pictures of the skull).

 Presidential UFO Site
If this UFO subject is so important, how much does the President of the United States really know about it? Have a look here to find out.

Wilbert Smith, 1958 Speech, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Scan of Draft Memo


Text of Top Secret Memo, 1958
Wilbert Smith was a Radio Engineer who worked for the Canadian Government. As well as being responsible for Radio and TV projects, he held a strong interest in UFOs. In my view, his research and findings are of great significance and his view of the Cosmos ties in very closely with my own. He also seemed to have access to a considerable amount of classified information, through his security clearance. The Top Secret Memo is, to my knowledge, a genuine and highly significant docuemt.

Majestic 12


Majestic 12 Part 2
Majestic 12 was the name given to Secret Committee which was set up in about 1947 to manage the security of the UFO issue. These pages give some discussion the body and how the documents describing it came to light.

The Death of James Forrestal 
Secretary Forrestal was one of the first group of members of MJ12. His role is made clear in the Roswell (TV Movie, 1994)

24 7 News Net – SciFi Channel caught in UFO HOAX! 


WTC UFO finally found to be hoax? 


UFO Casebook Twin Towers (World Trade Center Video)
This Video has proved very controversial. I regard it as very unusual. It is immediately controversial, because of its location. From what I can establish, it was indeed filmed in 2000, before the tragic events. The links to the left show how difficult it is to truly establish its validity – particularly in these days of CGI.

The Best UFO Pictures Ever Taken, Page 1


The Best UFO Pictures Ever Taken, Page 2
People have said "But where are the crystal-clear photos of these things"? I can say "here!". They reply, "Shee-sh – that’s just a cheap fake! Come on!" I firmly believe that a real object on a photograph can look indistinuishable from a faked one, hence I have not based the thrust of my "presenatation" on photographic evidence.

 John Maynard – Disclosure Witness
John Maynard is in the Disclosure Press Conference Video. Read about some of his knowledge and experience here.

 But where are the clear photos?
I say here here! But people just say "hmmm – well I’m not sure what that is…" Well, let’s be honest, it really doesn’t look like one of our aircraft – we can clearly see what it isn’t, so why are we so afraid to say what it is? (Or what it is very likely to be).

Edgar Mitchell Speaks Out
On 18th Feb 2004, at a talk, Dr Edgar Mitchell stated some things clearly and unequivocally. Who will believe him and who will think he has mis-perceived the situation or has gone mad or "found religion"?

Free-Energy/AntiGravity/Technology Related Links

There is a TON of stuff on this subject on the Web – so get building your own Free Energy Devices!


 Where Is The Free Energy?
Article from Nexus Magazine. Why can’t we have "energy from nothing?". Read this and decide.

Thomas Townsend Brown
This is a name that occurs frequently in the field Anti Gravity Technology. This site has lots of information about him.

 Amazon_co_uk Books – The Hunt for Zero Point
Amazon Page for Nick Cook’s Book.

 The untimely death of Salter’s Duck 
This device was based on conventional technology – nothing to do with UFO’s or the "Over Unity" technology which many say is valid. This device was very promising, yet the project was crippled – by the Atomic Energy Authority.

The War Against Cold Fusion – What’s really behind it 5-17-99 SF News 
MIT fudged the results of their Cold Fusion experiments. They did in fact, see an effect, but fudged their figures to indicate no such effect was present.

 How to build yourself the Lifter1 
Build your own Anti-Gravity Device!?

Carbon Nanotubes
Could the Roswell Witnesses (See Roswell, TV Movie) who described handling strange – alien – materials in 1947 have been holding something which it may now be possible for us to manufacture ourselves? You decide.

Background Info Links


1938 Orson Welles Version of War of the Worlds
Some info on what happened during its broadcast.
 1st Annual Exopolitics Expo – the X-Conference Just a list of current prominent people in the ETI field.

 60 Greatest Conspiracies HAARP
HAARP – is it an advanced Radio Communications programme, or a Defence System or a Weapon? You decide.

 ‘Project Orion’ by George Dyson 
Houston Chronicle reviews the book on Project Orion. This was a large-scale project to develop a "nuclear powered rocket". It was only declassified recently.

Dwight D_ Eisenhower’s Farewell Address – Military Industrial Complex 
The words of Eisenhower’s Leaving Address.

 Everest Ascent 
Did the Chinese actually Summit when they said they did?

 Hidden Face of Terrorism 
The links between world events and State Sponsored Terrorism and the links between the US Bush Family (George & George) and the Bin Ladens.

 From The Wilderness Publications 
More Subversive Material

 Philadelphia Experiment


Philadelphia Experiment – Results of Research 
Yet another event which is dismissed as "something and nothing", but read the results of research and decide.

 The Hitler Diaries
A High Profile Hoax.

 Was It Only A Paper Moon?
Was this an even higher profile hoax (or at least a partial hoax)?

Dr Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut is asked a Question
By Grant Cameron about covert projects and Dr Edgar Mitchell replies.

Astronomy/"Alternative" Astronomy Links Related Links


HubbleSite – News Center – 2003 – 19 – Oldest Known Planet Identified
If a planet can be this old, how old might the oldest civilisation be?

Are We All Aliens The New Case for Panspermia 
Is main stream science beginning to postulate that life itself may not have actually started on Earth?

 Mars Global Surveyor – Water Evidence


 Found it! Ice on Mars 
If there was Water on Mars….? NASA says there is….

Mars Global Surveyor MOC2-319 Release 
This is a strange name for a feature on Mars (from the Mars Global Surveyor Site)

What Is The Drake Equation? 
A discussion of the Mathmatical Probability of ETI "nearby".

Enterprise Mission – Face on Mars


The Enterprise Mission


Mission to Mars
Is there anything to the Face on Mars? I certainly think it bears closer examination. You decide. Are there really other artificial structures on Mars, or is it all just coincidences of geometry?

 Extraordinary SOHO Images?
These seem to show an Intelligently Controlled Craft… But whose is it?!?

More Mars Anomalies
Hmmm – isn’t this getting a bit Obvious?

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