9/11 Campaign Report

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-10-28 23:19:32

Hi,   Sorry if you get this twice. For those that have already seen this document, then there is just a note that I have added a small section on the DVD copying and distribution UK members have done.   Last week, we had a meeting with Michael Meacher. I sent Justin the minutes and we are still kind of doing the follow up. There is nothing really to report from that meeting as of yet, as Michael Meacher simply re-iterated more or less what he said in Terrorstorm and what he has been heard to say in other interviews.   However, for others who may be actively campaigning, this document may be of some use.   Download it using this link:   www.checktheevidence…   It’s about 5 MB in size (various scans included, hence the size)   It’s a zipped PDF and runs to about 230 pages including appendices. PM or e-mail me for an MS-Word Version of the 1st 50 pages in case you want to generate your own version.   You could present a copy of this to your own MP, for example, or e-mail it to them or something. Comments and feedback welcome.   Over to you, people…. Andrew

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