Remember “Starchild”?

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-10-31 22:53:02

Well, if not, then why not check it out using the link below.   www.starchildproject…   I have something of a special interest in Starchild, as I helped Lloyd set up a Website and other bits and pieces when he was in the UK.   He is currently trying to build support for wider exposure of the skull, which, the evidence gathered over 7 painstaking years, strongly suggests it is not entirely human.   Lloyd and Starchild will be featured on a Natural Geographic Broadcast in the USA on November 27th, this year. It should also air across Europe soon (though it is unclear what “experts” will have said in the program about Starchild – they are usually given the last word, as you know).   Lloyd has written a book about Starchild and is working hard to “sell” it to publishers. He has been strongly reluctant to go this route, but has been forced to do so to keep Starchild Project alive/afloat. He is therefore petitioning people to add their e-mail address to his notification list so that he can say to the publishers “Look – these are people who have registered interest in the book – so you can see its potential” www.starchildproject….   Please pass this message on to anyone who might be interested. I think it would be unwise of any of us to underestimate the potential importance of “Starchild”. It is almost certainly this viewpoint that has kept Lloyd going through thick and thin over some hard years. His partner, Amy has also made significant sacrifices to support the project and she has been a key element in keeping the momentum going. So PLEASE do this little thing to support them. Andrew

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