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From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-11-13 22:41:18

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Texas Representative urges repeal of neo-fascist laws in America before it is too late Steve WatsonInfowars.netMonday, November 13, 2006 Re-elected Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul joined Alex Jones on air last week to discuss the fallout of the midterm elections and what he sees transpiring over the next two years. He ended by ominously warning that if something is not done soon to overturn legislation such as the Military Commissions act, the law officially allows for citizen concentration camp facilities. Beginning with the positives to come out of the election, Ron Paul stressed that it has provided an important indication to the rest of the world that the people of America are unhappy with the usurpers that have seized control of their government and are trying to initiate change. The Congressman was quick to point out that this may not be carried into policy however: “Not a whole lot will change because the leadership on the Democratic side, even if they had their way, don’t have a different foreign policy. They have been supportive of an interventionist foreign policy in the middle east, and they are not about to back away from that… They are willing to criticize the policy but only as a means to get power.” As we have seen over the past week, leading Democrats are all towing the party line, unreservedly dismissing any notion of the possibility of impeaching the President over Iraq. The Congressman also stated that monetary policy will stay the same, which can only mean bad news for the American economy. ” They all believe in the federal reserve, they are not going to get rid of the IRS and the income tax. I think the dollar is going to keep sliding, which means prices are going to rise, when currencies self destruct, the end goes quickly. There are no signs that there is anything being done in Washington to correct the problem. Spending is going to continue and probably going to get worse, the deficits are going to stay high if foreign policy is not going to change.” The Congressman agreed that the elite globalists within the US government may not care about this too much because it means they can blow out the economy and then come back and buy it up very cheaply. These Internationalists care not about preserving and protecting American sovereignty when there is a quick buck to be made. “That’s also part of the foreign policy to be in position to hold onto natural resources, that’s one of the major reasons why we’re in the middle east, so yes if there is a financial crisis, they’re going to have the guns, and they have control of the natural resources… It’s not a good scenario, because what usually happens when you wipe out a currency is that you wipe out the middle class, and we already see this happening. The standard of living is going down.” Paul asserted. Ron Paul’s comments echo those of Former World Bank Vice President, Chief Economist and Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz, who two weeks ago predicted a global economic crash within 24 months – unless the current downturn is successfully managed. Asked if the situation was being properly handled Stiglitz emphatically responded “no,” and also drew ominous parallels to the development of the NAFTA Superhighway and the North American Union. What real Conservatism there was left in the House, to block such moves, as well as Bush’s amnesty program for illegals, is gone. With Pelosi at the helm Ron Paul sees it as a forgone conclusion that such policies will sail through. “I think that’s right, although I complain about the two parties being exactly alike, I would say on this amnesty issue and what’s happened with the election, there probably was a difference between the two. It is more likely with the Democrats in charge, and Judiciary and the other major committees, and with the President not really fighting for our national borders, he’s always argued for some type of worker program, yes I think there’s a much greater danger that that is going to be coming in the next session.” Commenting on strategies to defeat the North American Union, the Congressman urged a continuance of educating people on the real issues and reaching more and more Americans who care about preserving their national sovereignty: “You have to keep doing what you are doing, you are reaching a lot of people, and they have to get to their members of congress, and in many ways the current House has been pretty good with this. With the new House we don’t know exactly what is going to happen, but I had something very encouraging come to my attention just this week. I had a call from a young lady that won in Kansas as a Democrat, and in her literature she put my whole article on the NAFTA super corridor in there… She is not going to vote with Nancy Pelosi.” Finally, and perhaps most importantly, The Congressman spoke on the issue of going about demanding a repeal of freedom crushing legislation such as the Patriot act and the Military Commissions act and the Defense Authorization Act which essentially wipes out Habeas Corpus. “We might have to hope that our Supreme Court helps us out a little. The Court has been better than the executive branch and a heck of a lot better than the Congress, because we’ve given the President everything he’s asked for and the President has been begging for all this authority, so immediately we have to hope that the courts will save us on some of these things. But once again ultimately its only when the people wake up and say they don’t like this… sometimes the people wake up to late. Right now we don’t have concentration camps, but like you have pointed out, the authority has been given so that concentration camps can come without Habeas Corpus . I have heard the argument that there is nothing else left in the Bill of Rights. If they can lock you up, what good is freedom of speech or what good is a gun? That is now part of the books, part of the law.” Take Ron Paul’s suggestion up and contact your new or re-elected members and demand a move to repeal legislation paving the way for fascist government control in America today. .

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