Whitley Streiber/Jan Val Ellam – Large Scale ET Contact soon?

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-11-27 09:07:12

www.unknowncountry.c…   In the Event of Contact
17-Nov-2006 Brazilian UFO researcher Jan Val Ellam is suggesting that contact could take place between November 16, 2006 and April 30, 2007. He is well known in the field in Brazil, which is also has extensive UFO and contact activity, and a very capable local UFO community. He has said that it will initially consist of large scale and undeniable UFO sightings in many world cities, and limited contact with individuals. Frankly, I’d be floored if this actually happened, but I do think that conditions under which contact might be an option are, in fact, present, and that hasn’t been true until recently. As I see it, these conditions are as follows: 1. There is a foundation of people capable of responding in a useful manner that is large enough to influence the whole species. 2. We have a sufficiently advanced science so that observed capabilities will not be thought supernatural and individuals engaging in the procedure will not be seen as deities. 3. There is a serious need that outweighs the value of allowing the species to continue to innovate its cultural advance on its own. 4. We are, hopefully, a species that is worth the expenditure of resources necessary. I will deal with the fourth of these conditions first. A species that is worth the effort is one that can respond to it usefully. This means that the inevitable confusion, superstition and fear that will attend first contact will eventually resolve into a complex of responses from individuals and cultures that reflect reality, offer value to all concerned, and do not require any unnecessary expenditure of resources. I think that there is a certain amount of evidence that contact happened in the distant past, but that the result was that the people (aliens) involved became identified as gods and their technology fitted into myth. In other words, contact was too early and it failed. The third condition is that there be need. From the beginning, the message of all visitors who have experimented with contact with human beings in modern times has been the same: that the planetary environment is vulnerable to failure. It is failing now, and contact will come with a message that a massive human effort to recover the situation must be made. The absolute minimum of help will be offered, not to punish us, but out of respect for our ability to help ourselves and hope that we will do so. The second condition is that science be sufficiently advanced so that observed capabilities do not seem like magic. Some of the capabilities that we will necessarily be exposed to are as follows: 1. The ability to read minds. This is accomplished in number of ways, two of which I believe that I have observed being by the use of highly discriminatory radio receivers that are capable of detecting and interpreting the tiny radio signals naturally emitted by brains, and by the use of microwaves, which can transmit into them. 2. The ability to traverse space very quickly without obvious expenditure of energy. This is, I think, explained by the ability to generate gravity. We might be quite far from being able to do this, but at least able to understand that it can be done, and therefore that it’s not magic. 3. The ability to manipulate matter at the atomic level. Technologies that enable control of matter this absolute are within the grasp of human science, and seeing them in action in the hands of others will cause a leap ahead that will also enable us to make strides in solving the problem of how to make the earth a better vessel for the maintenance and evolution of life into the indefinite future. The first condition is that there be a foundation of people who can react in a useful manner. After fifty years of effort, there has been sufficient speculation in every human culture about the possibility of contact, and what the response might be. At present, I think that objective response will probably outweigh superstitious response for the first time in recorded history. This means that this condition has been newly fulfilled due to the efforts both of many human beings and members of other species who have been attempting to create a situation that might result in functional contact. Included among these are government and military officials who, for three generations, have been keeping this matter secret. Those at the highest levels have known that the secrecy was necessary in order to give human culture every possible chance to develop as fully as possible on its own, and therefore to express human consciousness as completely as possible before interaction changes things. Until recently, the gulf between us and others has been so great that we would cease to innovate if exposed to their capabilities, and therefore would become a burden rather than an asset. I suspect that this is no longer true. Scientific advances in recent years have meant that we will be able to see that new technologies are not magic simply because they are beyond our understanding. If contact unfolds, it is important that social disruption be kept to a minimum, because it will only happen in a context of urgent human need. We will need to make the most of every single iota of information we can gain, in order to save ourselves from what is going to be a complex and extremely dangerous series of changes in the planetary environment. I have no idea if Jan Val Ellam is right or not. But the conditions for contact do indeed exist now, and they have never existed prior to the past few years. Another possibility would have been if we had been able to overcome our problems without any outside intervention, and entered the cosmos entirely on our own terms. That is the ideal, of course.

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