The Next 9/11 Type Psy-Op? Bigger and Bolder?

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-12-06 12:37:39

Attachments : The Next 9/11 Type Psy-Op?   Over the last few weeks, in 1 or 2 conversations I have had, the topic of the implication of the possible reality of high powered Beam Weapon technology has come up.   Today, I remembered the scene from “Independence Day” where a huge craft hovers over New York and obliterates the Empire State building. Now, it is rather unsettling to me to think of, but having considered the evidence presented in Judy Wood’s paper:   janedoe0911.tripod.c…   and especially what happened to what some have called “the spire”:     I begin to think that, if we took the planes/hijackers out of the 9/11 story and re-packaged it with a mass UFO sighting in some far off country (like Chile or Peru) and co-ordinated the destruction of 1 or more largish buildings with the fly over of craft, it could create a superb “false flag” operation, which would take us to the next level of fear and panic. i.e. “Aliens are here to destroy us!!”   12 months ago, I would’ve regarded this idea as totally fantastic – laughable almost. I’m not laughing now.   Remember that Carol Rosin said in her testimony in May 2001 at the NPCC Disclosure Project Cofnerence – that terrorists would be the next threat – then aliens. Well, perhaps the beam weapon usage was a test – to see how well the technology worked and how they might plan the next operation. Please feel free to repost this, if you think the idea has merit….   This is my own idea and is not endorsed by anyone.     CUAndrew  

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