Thoughts for the New Year

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-12-26 22:46:58

  From someone in Philadelphia Beloved friends~~ True to my reputation as a candidate to be “late to my own funeral”, let me be the LAST to wish you a Joyous Christmas…. If you are having one, you will likely not get this message until it’s all over.But of course we know it’s never “all over”. The Light of the World is brightest on this day each year, and the Light of truth and integrity and peace and justice builds surely and exponentially, despite appearances of darkness on our planet.As I see it, our challenge now is to stay focused on the Light and not on the darkness which is so much “in our face”, thanks to the mainstream media. OK-here’s a suggested Rx for your New Year: Try avoiding the media newscasts for a week and observe how you FEEL inside…stress and tension lessened? Happier? More Optimistic? Why? Meanwhile, listen to classical music, read something uplifting, and meditate. Play, Have fun. Serve others. Be thankful.  Be joyful.Some traditions say that how your spend your New Year’s Day will set the mode for your whole new year. Just in case that’s true, you might not want to spend it curing a bad hangover! Check out the Vienna Philharmonic’s  PBS broadcast of their annual New Year’s Day concert–full of Strauss waltzes and other joyous soul/spirit nourishment. Chat with loved ones. Rest. Care for yourself and others. Be joyful.Our world is in a time of enormous changes as we leave the old Piscean duality mode and move into Aquarian ONENESS.Only those with open hearts and elevated consciousness will understand and will be welcome in our New World-others will be obsolete and will disappear. for they have no place in the new frequencies of Earth Ascending. This is no judgment on such persons—it is simply a matter of personal choice as humanity is now at a giant crossroad and each individual is mandated to make the choice: increased consciousness and spiritual growth, or “business as usual”. The latter choice will lead to continuing life pretty much the same as always, just in a different locale…..Thus I wish everyone a deeply meaningful and enLightening Christmas season followed by a significantly healthier and more prosperous New Year.Holyday Blessings, all—

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