ST911 – FW: An Up-Date on Society Affairs

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-12-28 13:04:49

  An update sent to members of ST-911. Make of it what you will… I have. —–Original Message—–From: Membership Administrator []Sent: 28 December 2006 00:38Subject: An Up-Date on Society AffairsAll,The attempt to take over Scholars by a renegade group with no authority whosemembers no longer even belong to the society continues unabated.  Alex Floum,who is an attorney and who obtained the domain names for the web site at mydirection on behalf of the society and the domain names for the journal atSteve Jones’ direction on behalf of the society has now passed them off to afellow named Fred Burks, who has had minimal contact with the society and isutterly unfamiliar with its policies and history.  He has taken it upon him-self to be custodian of the domain names.  Since Alex did not have the rightto keep them as his personal possessions in the first place, passing them toFred Burks is akin to trading in stolen property.  These domain names belongto the society of which I am the founder and whose claim to their possessionon behalf of Scholars is unmatched by those, including Steve Jones and CarlWeis, who have resigned, and those, such as Alex Floum and Fred Burks, whohave been removed from membership for their efforts to undermine the goalsof the society.  Please know, however, that they have demonstrated completelack of scruples in this matter and will, no doubt, attempt other offensiveacts to subvert our efforts to expose falsehoods and reveal the truth aboutthe events of 9/11.  Ask yourself why they would be acting this way if theywere dedicated to that same objective, which they are blatantly subverting.This is completely outrageous, immoral and corrupt conduct on behalf of (whatcan only be described as) a rogue clique intent upon stealing what does notbelong to them.  They improperly abused the membership list, created a fake”membership administrator” and phony address, to disseminate an anonymousproposal to support a non-existent society and wrest control of Scholars fromme.  I have no doubt they are going to pull similar stunts.  As the founderand remaining officer of Scholars, who has solely managed the web site from its inception, I have moral, legal, and intellectual claims to those domainnames as a trustee acting on behalf of the society.  Who else could possiblyassert a comparable claim?  Surely, none of them.  They have gone out of their way to distort and misrepresent my views and conduct actions behind the namesof others, which reflects their shame at their own grevieous misconduct.  I amnot going to allow this travesty to stand.  I made several offers to settlethese matters informally between us, in which I proposed giving the journaland the forum to Steve and his cronies in return for their giving me the website.  Steve even stated in an earlier commentary that I was entitled to it,on which he has now reneged.  It included other conditions that should have been enough to resolve these matters.  My final offer expired at 5 PM/PT to-day.  I cannot allow them to loot Scholars for the sake of their own personal agenda.  They are trying to skirt morality and legality and take what is nottheirs.  They do not fathom the degree of corruption to which they have sunk.Scholars was created as a loose affiliation with minimal rules, which I haverun with the advice of a steering committee.  While the society has members,it is not run by its members.  Alex, Carl, and Steve were all members of theoriginal steering committee.  We have spawned a web site, which I manage, ajournal, which Steve now edits with Kevin Ryan, and a forum, which, since hisretirement from BYU, I had allowed Steve to moderate.  It was his abuse of therole of moderator that led me to remove him as co-chair, but resigning was hisidea.  I even encouraged him to take an extra 48 hours to think it over.  Nowthat he and Carl have resigned and Alex and Fred are no longer members, it isat least faintly absurd that they should try to take over the society.  Theirpretenses at having votes when the society was not set up that way reflects adesire to transform the society in order to facilitate their hostile take over.I have reconstituted the steering committee with Kevin Barrett, Richard Curtis,Rick Siegel, and Judy Wood as its new members.  I have asked them to advise mein transforming the society from an informal organization to a more formal one,which will conduct the society’s business in a more formal fashion, run not byme but by a board of directors, who will determine who manages the web site,who edits the journal, and who moderates the forum.  We are putting all thepieces together for a new and stronger society.  Things are going to improveas the legal issues settle down, but you are entitled to know what’s going on.JimJames H. FetzerFounderScholars for 9/11 Truth

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