ST911 – Where Things Stand

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-01-13 10:33:08

Update from Jim Fetzer All, Negotiations to resolve the differences between the faction that has taken over our web site at, which remains frozen as I write, have not resulted in a resolution of the matter. I have therefore created a parallel web site for Scholars, which you can accessed at The control of remains important, since there are hundreds of thousands of links to that site. It properly belongs to Scholars, not to the rogue group that has frozen it. In the absence of an informal resolution, therefore, I have initiated a formal resolution by ICANN, which may take several weeks but which should finally resolve these issues.     Internal disputes are common occurrences in small organizations, especially in their early stages. I only created the society last December, so in some ways it is not surprising that differences in attitude and approach to the science and the politics of 9/11 research has led to a separation between me and Steve Jones. But given the significance of the studies we are conducting, it remains a source of considerable distress. So if you have been looking for updates of events or other new “news”, the reason you are not finding it at is that I am unable to gain access to the site. Because of the keen interest, controversial character, and great importance of recent theories about what happened at the World Trade Center regarding how it may have been done, which appears to have been very complex, many of you might be interested in reading the excellent transcription by Veronica Chapman of my 2 January 2007 interviews with Judy Wood and with Morgan Reynolds on,…. I also invited Steve Jones to appear but, to my regret, he declined.     Please share our new web site address with others who care about 9/11 truth and our efforts to expose it. Let me know if you have events or announcements to post there on . I apologize for having been unable to update I am doing my best to deal with this situation and want to keep you posted. We are going to continue our work at this new site. I appreciate your suppport during this difficult time and will provide further information about developments with Scholars as they occur. May truth prevail!     Jim James H. Fetzer Founder Scholars for 9/11 Truth

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