Celeb Big Brother crap and UK Parliament

From: Clive Denton

Date: 2007-01-19 16:44:14

With a failing NHS service, schools and education in a big problem and social and international problems getting worse by the day as well as Climate change drawing closer and globalists removing more and more freedom and power from the public what do UK MP’s talk about in Parliament? The Channel 4 celebrity Big Brother show and whether certain members racially abused an Asian member. This is a total waste of tax payers money for MP’s to involve themselves in this debate which is obviously creating great viewing figures for Channel 4. Surly it would have been better for MP’s to have discussed more serious issues that face our country like the cash for honours probe by UK police and the probe into a Saudi arms deal with BAE Systems which Blair ordered to be dropped even though MI6 now say they disagreed with the decision.   To be honest this country should be ashamed of itself for making a mouthy no hoper like Jade Goody in to a million heir and giving her Celebrity status for nothing more then stripping off her cloths on a live episode of Big Brother which she did not even win. There are members of the British public that do far more selfless good for this country then this stupid un-educated idiot Goody. Yet Goody is made a million heir and the people that do real good are just swept aside. Goody would not know what culture was even if it hit her in the face.   If Miss Shilpa Shetty was or is being Racially abused then why does she not demand to be let out of the house and then get the Police to arrest those who allegedly abusing her, lets face it we do now have new laws regarding Racial hatred which would have dealt with this case once and for all.   As all this BB rubbish is taking up media and Parliaments time the U.S. draw closer to all out war against Iran, yet do the media give this as much coverage as the BB show, no they do not.   WAKE UP BRITAIN!!!   I am sorry that I have to bring this useless subject of the Big Brother TV show up but I find myself angered the more I hear about it so I am going to have my say on this matter and then move on to more important issues. Regards, Clive Denton

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