Steve Bassett – Open Letter to Albert Gore, Jr. – 1/29/07

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-01-28 11:47:09

More good stuff from Steve.    Open Letter to Albert Gore, Jr.January 29, 2007            January 29, 2007 Dear Mr. Gore: On February 25, 2007 at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood you will stand before a worldwide audience to accept a well deserved Academy Award for “Best Documentary.”    This moment will be a hallmark in a most remarkable political story.  A man comes within a few votes of being President of the United States, puts aside the enormous personal disappointment, shuns a comfortable retirement, subsumes his ego and takes on the grueling work of raising public awareness toward a critical issue “one PowerPoint presentation at a time.” An Inconvenient Truth about the dangers of global warming has broken through a ridicule curtain of misinformation and propaganda preventing the nations and peoples of the world from properly engaging a challenging reality.  It has remade you a leader to which millions have turned for guidance and solutions which you provided in your documentary.   And therein lies the problem.   The solutions you propose are not commensurate with either the timeframe or the severity of the consequences you predict.   Those frightened by these consequences are frustrated as they consider the degree of cooperation demanded by nations and institutions to address this emergency before it is too late.   They consider the present state of world affairs and lose hope for a positive outcome. Many of the solutions you present are based upon existing and projected technological innovation.   What if there were technology capable of dramatically advancing and accelerating the solution process, and this technology was being withheld as a government policy?   Would it not be unethical to allow that to continue? Such technology does exist.  It was derived from the energy and propulsion systems of crashed vehicles of extraterrestrial origin.  It is sequestered in government research facilities where it remains today hostage to a six decade “truth embargo” imposed by the U. S. government on the facts surrounding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the planet Earth and the human race.   It is reserved for weaponry, not for global warming response. I believe you already know this via contacts made during years of study of national security, arms control and nuclear proliferation issues while in the Senate and from your service as an active and powerful vice president.   If you are not aware of the validity behind this “other inconvenient truth,” ask your good friends Bill and Hillary Clinton or President Clinton’s senior policy advisor, John Podesta.  They watched from the Oval Office while billionaire Laurance Rockefeller worked through the Office of Science and Technology Policy for three years to persuade the Clinton administration to end the truth embargo – the Rockefeller Initiative.   John Podesta would later call for the release of all government documents relevant to the extraterrestrial issue during two press conferences at the National Press Club in October of 2002 and 2003.   Or you could ask Jimmy Carter who approved two studies of extraterrestrial phenomena during the first months of his presidency before both were shut down by the Department of Defense and members of his own administration. This is not a political issue so much as it is a moral issue.   When you stand at the podium in the Kodak Theater, let the people know there was something missing from your film.   Tell your audience there are powerful solutions, extraterrestrial in origin, to which they have a right to know about and to access.   The auditorium will explode with a response that will astound you – a response that will expand to billions of people who must know the truth about the world in which they live in order to fix it.   It will not be convenient or without risk, but it is the right thing to do. Respectfully, Stephen BassettExecutive Director 4938 Hampden Lane, #161, Bethesda, MD 20814 s PRG@paradigmresearch… s 202-215-8344If you no longer wish to receive these emails, or you wish to update your profile, please click here.

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