Who is Prof Steve Jones?

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-01-29 20:54:02

www.911researchers.c…   Steven Jones’ Contributions to Science, Humanity and the Planet Submitted by CB_Brooklyn on Mon, 2007-01-29 20:01. Steven Jones’ Contributions to Science, Humanity and the Planet [Being a former major Jones supporter who has emailed hundreds of structural engineering professors asking to support Jones, I must publicize the following information.] The following information clearly illustrates Steven Jones to be a government plant to discredit free energy in the public eye, and to mislead the 9/11 Truth Movement with deceitful research. ***COLD FUSION*** In the 1980s, scientists Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann (P&F) conducted cold fusion experiments that would have revolutionized the world. These experiments, which showed promise of nuclear fusion at room temperature, could have effectively removed industrialized societies’ dependency to oil in favor of free or inexpensive clean energy. Unfortunately, the Global Elite had other plans. Their determination to maximize oil profits, ruin the environment, and control whether we live or die had put a stop to cold fusion research. After being tipped off by an informant at the Department of Energy, Steven Jones set out to destroy P&F’s credibility. Jones knew P&F’s work had not yet been perfected, and took advantage of this. He performed his own cold fusion experiments using a different process than that of P&F and discounted the excess heat (free energy) that P&F had discovered. Jones then announced his decision to report his findings to the media, despite it not being published in a peer reviewed journal. (Normally, a scientist’s findings would first be peer reviewed and published before announcing to the general media.) P&F were urged to go public first, but were unable to openly detail their work because their patent had not yet been approved. This left the media unsatisfied and P&F in a very uncomfortable position. Jones’ had effectively discredited cold fusion to the media and at the same time prevented P&F from getting their patent. The following links detail Jones’ “contributions” to free energy research: Youtube Video: Steven Jones Sabotaged The Development Of Free Energy(Segment from Heavy Watergate film below) Google Video: Heavy Watergate, the War Against Cold Fusion(Fast forward to 11:00 for segment on Jones.) Cold Fusion’s CIA Mole (with MP3 analysis of Jones’ work) ================= Infinite Energy MagazineDr Eugene MalloveJanuary-February, 2001 “Dr. Steven Jones in his skeletal three-page commentary confirms that he still trusts his sparse cold fusion neutron measurements—fair enough. But Jones, the egocentric denier of excess heat claims from day one, apparently has learned nothing and still knows nothing about the process of science. … Jones writes disingenuously, “It is high time to strongly question claims of cold fusion based on crude techniques and to demand tests at a rigorous scientific-proof level. . .I have not seen any compelling evidence of any ‘cold fusion’ effects to date.”” ================= WIRED MagazineCharles PlattNovember 1998 “Many physicists were highly skeptical that a couple of chemists [P&F] could have pulled off such a feat. More damning, they were claiming to validate their far-fetched theory via an experiment that wasn’t properly documented. In their defense, Pons and Fleischmann explained that they couldn’t reveal all the details because the University of Utah’s patent had not yet been approved. They admitted that the press conference had been premature, but claimed the University had urged them to go public when another scientist – a physicist named Steve Jones – turned out to be pursuing similar work.” ================= California Institute of TechnologyDr. David Goodstein (Vice Provost and Professor of Physics / Applied Physics)2002 “Pons and Fleischmann, fearing they were about to be scooped by a competitor named Steven Jones from nearby Brigham Young University, and with the encouragement of their own administration, held a press conference on March 23, 1989 at the University of Utah, to announce what seemed to be the scientific discovery of the century.” ================================== ***9/11*** Similar to his distraction of P&F’s cold fusion work, Jones proved himself a government asset once again by successfully distracting the 9/11 Truth Movement from Dr Judy Wood’s research. Dr Wood’s paper “A Refutation of the Official Collapse Theory” had been publicized months before Dr Jones’ “Why Indeed Did The WTC Collapse on 9/11”, yet Jones seemed to have gotten the spotlight. As reported by MSNBC, Jones called the controlled demolition theory a “hypothesis to be tested” despite the fact that controlled demolition has already been proven by the freefall destruction as Dr Wood has showed. Jones successfully delays a new 9/11 investigation with this tactic. Jones’ 9/11 research has been shown to be faulty and deceitful on many fronts. From altering the colors in photographs to ignoring key evidence he has proven time and time again to be purposely leading the 9/11 Truth Movement to a dead end. Jones’ photos of orange-hot metal at the WTC has been shown to be a hoax as well, as Dr Wood explains. In her paper “The Scientific Method Applied to the Thermite Hypothesis”, Wood also explains how Jones’ hypothesis lacks a Proof of Concept. Other information regarding Jones’ 9/11 research: The Dark Side Of Professor Steven E. Jones Professor Steven Jones Trashes The Demolition Evidence Scholars For 9/11 Plagiarism And Disinformation ================================== ***STEVEN JONES’ RESEARCH LINKED TO TWO SUSPICIOUS MURDERS*** In May 2004, Founder of Infinite Energy Magazine, Dr Eugene Mallove, wrote an open letter to the world entitled “Universal Appeal for Support for New Energy Science and Technology”. In this letter, Mallove specifically mentions cold fusion as a possible alternative to oil and asks for research funds. Less than 24 hours later, Eugene was murdered by two people. Dr Mallove, a known supporter of P&F’s research, discussed a cold fusion patent that was approved a few weeks before 9/11. More information on Eugene Mallove here. In March 2006, Dr Judy Wood and her student, Michael Zebuhr, performed demonstrations with molten aluminum at Clemson University to show that Steven Jones’ research was faulty. Two and a half weeks later, Michael was murdered by two people. After Michael was killed, Judy Wood received an email with the following message:”we’ve done it before and we will do it again if need be.” ================================== ***ARCHAEOLOGY HOAX*** Steven Jones work is also linked to an archaeology hoax, which, not surprisingly also contains alters photographs. CB_Brooklyn’s blog

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