[infowarsnews] Tax Protester Exposes Federal Government Fraud

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-01-30 12:47:53

Attachments : Tax Protester Exposes Federal Government FraudEd Brown vows to “live free or die” Steve Watson & Alex jonesInfowars.netThursday, January 25, 2007 Alex Jones was joined on air yesterday (MP3) by Ed Brown to discuss his ongoing case to fight charges of tax evasion. Mr Brown and his wife have not filed or paid federal income taxes since 1997, citing the fact that there is no law that stipulates American citizens have to pay income taxes. Prosecutors claim (based upon arbitrary figures provided by the IRS) that the couple “owes” $625,000 in taxes. A jury agreed in court on Thursday the 18th of January. Mr Brown described the actions of the authorities against him over the past two years: “We thought they’d be here ten years ago, they came in ten years later in November of 2004. They arrived with twenty-eight approximate personel. Twenty of them were CID, IRS, two US Marshals and one postal officer. They had up on the hill a sniper with three observers, two state troopers backing them up behind them and one state trooper across the street. Everybody was armed and everybody had body armour. infowars. net/articles/ january2007/ 250107Brown. htm

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