UK – Big Brother: Watching, Listening, Shouting And Firing X-Rays

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-02-01 10:20:38

infowars. net/articles/ january2007/ 310107xraycams. htm   Big Brother: Watching, Listening, Shouting And Firing X-RaysWhere will the surveillance stop and how do naked pictures of people stop terrorism? Steve WatsonInfowars.netWednesday, January 31, 2007 Documents leaked from the Home Office in London this week have revealed that the government is looking into using X-ray technology cameras by concealing them in lamp posts to “trap terror suspects”. The cameras, currently used in security check points at airports, can see through clothes and produce a naked image of anyone within their range. Security experts have questioned the usefulness of such a move, as it would be hard to clearly decipher any “suspicious” objects, and near impossible to act upon any sighting: “Some guy walks past and his picture is beamed back to a control room to say that something is under his jacket. What do you do? Despatch a police car to hunt him down and frisk him? security expert Bob Ayers, of Chatham House, commented to the BBC. “The real question is not whether the technology can see something under the clothing. It’s how you respond to it when the technology says there’s something unusual. “Do you have police strolling down each street, ready to ask people what they have under their jacket?” Leaving aside the possible health risks of firing X-rays, Millimetre waves or terahertz radiation at people in the street, exactly how will this prevent “terrorism”? We previously detailed how such methods have already been in use at rail stations in London.   “Anything to make us feel safer” whimpers an elderly lady whilst giving the most naive bootlicking smile you can imagine. And this is precisely the point, the general public will accept any level of intrusiveness so long as it gives the IMPRESSION that they are safer, in reality it doesn’t make anyone safer it just eliminates your liberty. While some rightly point out the hellishness of this idea, similar sheep like moronic comments have also been posted on the original BBC article: No doubt there will be people who will claim this is an invasion of civil liberties, I wonder how they would feel the same way if their plane was hi-jacked?
James Sergeant, Lancing, UK
What does this have to do with hijacking planes? Oh thank goodness my plane was not hijacked due to Bill Bloggs being photographed naked, 15 miles away in Trafalgar Square. This is an excellent product and as a member of the British army would like to see it put in its proper place: Out on the front line with the soldiers that are on the ground. As for the privacy issue, if you have nothing to hide what is the problem?
D Dymond, Barnsley
If you are a simpering jellyfish who accepts Nazi style levels of police and government intrusion into your daily life what’s the problem? Why did we even bother defeating Hitler? —————————————————————————————————————Want to start your own blog or website, get the word out and support Alex Jones? offers high-quality webhosting services at very competitive prices, and most importantly,, privacy is paramount! We don’t sell the names of our customers to marketing firms or the government. Click here for more info.————————————————————————————————————— How many more big brother functions can be gotten out of a camera? Next they’ll be telling us that the cameras are going to detect terrorists by smell or feel. We have previously reported how London police and councils are considering monitoring our conversations in the street using high-powered microphones attached to CCTV cameras. The microphones, which are already in use in the Netherlands, can pick up “aggressive tones” on the basis of 12 factors, including decibel level, pitch and the speed at which words are spoken. They are so advanced that background noise is filtered out, enabling the camera to focus on specific conversations in public places. Step by step our free and open society is being transformed into one of hi-tech authoritarian panopticon state control. Once again this about having total information awareness, the ability to monitor everyone, anywhere, all the time. It’s about getting used to being controlled and eliminating any backlash towards living under total surveillance. Note how the primary function of the cameras is to detect aggression or dissent. In an even more shocking move we also recently reported that the cameras may even start shouting at you in order to publicly humiliate you and let everyone else around know if you are doing something they deem to be wrong. “UNMUTUAL, UNMUTUAL”. This way you might be shamed into never stepping out of line in that way again. Such forms of eavesdropping and monitoring conversations are not new, they are now simply less covert and more out in the open because there is an excuse to justify their use. A government engaging in escalating criminal actions and becoming more and more secretive should not be watching and tracking us as if we’re all criminals. The same goes for all forms of watching, listening, shouting, singing, dancing, flying CCTV surveillance. That’s not freedom. The very matter of fact announcing and the creep of this surveillance nightmare works on two levels. On the one hand the placement of the technology allows a literal big brother monitoring system to function. Secondly the fallout is shaping individual behavior, which means it doesn’t much matter what slips past the surveillance grid, because people are cowering in fear of speaking out or being active in any way. Big brother may not need to watch all the time and that is ultimately more successful, because control by fiat rather than force is something that’s far easier to accomplish and far harder to resist.

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