Is Global Warming the Cause of Florida’s Recent Tornadoes?

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-02-04 12:19:46

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Is Global Warming the Cause of Today’s

Florida Tornadoes?

  by Mitch Battros – ECM/ECTV   I have no doubt every global warming zealot in the world will be yelling at the top of their lungs trying to convince you today’s tornado is “firm scientific evidence” global warming is real and “you are to blame”.   As we have seen over the last two weeks, the global warming cults have turned up their mantra to a deafening pitch. They have recently chosen to ‘cross the line’ to even “threaten” the careers and reputations of anyone who goes against their beliefs. Yes, even here in America, the threat of speaking out against a cultish belief is likely to get you tagged as a “Trader, Un-American, Skeptic, Capitalist, Communist, Fraud, Liar” and the list deteriorates from there.   Is this a first in recent American history? Absolutely not. In fact, just over the last year, we experienced the “exact” same thing. Who after September 11th 2001 dare speak against the idea of going after Iraq? How cleaver the bubba bush regime was to so easily manipulate you into believe 9-11 had anything to do at all with Iraq. And you would be “dammed” if you dare raised your voice against the US administration who was working so hard to “save us”. Save us from what? Well the “evil doers” of course. And who were these “evil doers”? Well that Saddam Hussein and Iraq of course. But wait a minute—how did we get from 9-11 Saudi Arabia terrorist to Iraq? HOW dare you question my authority.   **From this moment on, let it be known to the world—“You are either with me, or you are with the terrorist”. (George bubba Bush).   The following is a true story: It was Thanksgiving 2003. I was sitting at the table with my whole extended family in San Antonio, Texas. It was almost impossible to not bring up the Iraq invasion. So I spoke up and said what I have always said since the very moment of 9-11. There is no connection between 9-11 and Iraq. “Bubba is lying and there never was so-called WMD or anything else connecting Saddam with Saudi Arabian terrorist.” I went on blaa blaa blaa, and suddenly my mother sat up with a frightened concern on her face. She told me (and every one at the table), “Shhh, be quiet, someone could hear you say these things. Please son, I hope you don’t say these things in public”. My jaw dropped in dis-belief. “Did I just hear what I think heard?”   Was I just silenced by my own mother out of concern that the bubba bush regime was coming to arrest me?”. The answer is a very very sad—yes. The table went silent, and out of respect for my family, I discontinued my conversation and said, “Please pass the gravy”. Did this happen to you? I have found since (between 2003 – 2005) it happened to many. Believe me; this is more frightening to me than a six mile diameter asteroid heading our way. I could not have ever imagined “George Orwell’s 1984” would happen in my lifetime.  But it has—–Orwell…     Now if you will, please keep in mind all I have said above and apply it to today’s global warming cult. How many of you are comfortable disagreeing with what appears to be the majority, that global warming is real and is 100% caused by humans? How many of you are strong enough to challenge to current babble of “a vast majority of the top climate scientists agree global warming is real and you are the cause”. Remember when bubba would prance out the ‘lock-step’ generals (at least until this year), and he and all his cronies would say “It is a fact, Iraq is a imminent threat to the United States and needs to be stopped before it is too late”. Yes indeed, it sounds all too familiar, doesn’t it?   **Here is today’s new unspoken but threatening law: “You are either with me, or you are with the polluters”. Now what’s it going to be? (Al Gore, James Hansen et al).   Just in the exact same way that Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11, pollution has nothing (or very little) to do with a warming globe. Are there terrorist threats? Yes—but it has very little to do with Iraq. Is the Earth warming? Yes—but it has very little to do with fossil fuel and other pollutants. This is a well orchestrated scheme (just as bubba’s made up war) to suck you in so special interest can make their billions and have you cheer all along the way.   Are you really welcoming the lie that pollution is the sole cause? Well you say: “but what harm is it in cleaning up the environment and being less dependant on oil?” I say–not a damn thing. I say put all the polluters in jail. And yes, I am all for finding new methods of energy. I love my home I call Earth, let us all be responsible stewards and live a better life——–    But here lies the real “Inconvenient Truth”.   We are in a “warming trend” the Earth has seen many times before, and it will see many times again. It is a natural cycle as proven by empirical researched records from ice core samples, tree rings, lake bottom samples and even stalactites. After this current warming trend, we will see a ‘cooling trending’. Always have—always will. For more information on the ‘true’ cause of warming and cooling trends, get your copy of ‘Solar Rain’. It is filled with scientific factual data with over 100 charts and graphs showing the history of cycles and the Sun.   ‘Solar Rain’ is also enriched with historical data from our ancestors describing several ancient texts. Also included is the famous Hopi Prophecy Rock showing the coming (and current) escalation of earth changes that will occur. More recently, what seems to have become of particular interest is how the Sun, Earth’s Magnetic Field, and Charged Particles have an affect on humans and animals. Be sure and read Chapter 12 – ‘The Sun and Human and Animal Behavior’. Also the very telling future vision of tomorrow’s meteorologist—Chapter 8 – ‘The Super-Duper Doppler Weatherman’.   ‘Solar Rain’ (The Earth Changes Have Begun):…       Now the facts about today’s Florida tornado——   No, today’s event was NOT an aberration or something abnormal, and most especially, a sure sign of so-called global warming. It is a natural event that has happened many times before. At the bottom of this article, I have placed a list of historical events which have occurred in Florida. Because there was too much data to provide on the amount of tornadoes that have hit this area, I reduced my search to ‘winter months’ only, this being December to March. I further narrowed the search to begin in 1950, although tornado records go back to the 1800’s. I also made a chart showing the tornado history specifically to “Lake County Florida”, the location of today’s event.    The Florida Kissimmee County Tornado Outbreak of February 22 – 23, 1998 was the deadliest tornado event in Florida history. Forty-two people were killed and 260 were injured; seven tornadoes were involved in the event. The previous record for the highest tornado death toll in Florida history was 17 on March 31, 1962.   The first tornado of the outbreak came at around 11:40 P.M. in Lake County, Florida. Three were killed in this tornado. The most notable tornado of the night hit in Kissimmee County. Twenty-five were killed. It was an F3. Another F3 hit in Seminole County, Florida near Sanford and Volusia County, Florida killing 13. The last tornado of the night hit in Brevard County, Florida.   The tornadoes were strong due to an abnormally strong jet stream with warm, humid air out ahead of the cold front. This is common in the El Niño phase of the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) during the Florida dry season (November 1 – April 30). During El Nino the jet stream is typically stronger and further south near or over Florida in the winter and spring. This greatly increases the odds that conditions will be favorable for strong tornado development.   The controversy surrounding this outbreak resulted from attempts to try to correlate specific tornadoes with El Nino. There are a number of reasons why a tornado may or may not occur, or be reported, that have nothing to do with Pacific SST’s. A better approach is to focus solar events and the development of atmospheric conditions that might produce tornadoes and severe weather.   With the just begun solar cycle “Cycle 24” predicted to be up to 50% stronger than its predecessor, we can expect extreme weather from now, and with each year escalating until its “apex” (or maximum) which will occur mid 2011 to 2012. That’s right—2012. Just a coincidence, or did our Mayan ancestors know the Sun would be the facilitator of the now Mayan Calendar and the prophecy statement: ‘Life will end—as we know it’. Also the statement: ‘The time of transition’. These statements can be interpreted in many ways. My belief is the Sun, and its charged particles are the triggering mechanism of perhaps a change in our DNA, and we will be different.   A further outline of my thoughts can be seen in my article: “From Human to Higher Human”: Full Article:www.earthchangesmedi…     _____________________________     Florida’s History of “Winter Tornadoes”                 –  Strength –  F2-F3  (1950 – 1969)  –     ST. JOHNS                          03/16/1950       Tornado  F2 SARASOTA                        03/12/1951       Tornado  F2 POLK                                  12/18/1951        Tornado  F2  POLK                                  12/18/1951        Tornado  F2 LEON                                  01/28/1952         Tornado  F2  BAY                                    02/20/1952         Tornado F2 HILLSBOROUGH              01/09/1953         Tornado  F2 LEON                                 12/06/1953          Tornado  F2 BAY                                    12/21/1953         Tornado  F2  MANATEE                         02/10/1956         Tornado  F2 DE SOTO                            01/26/1958         Tornado  F2 OKALOOSA                       03/06/1958        Tornado  F2 PALM BEACH                   03/18/1958        Tornado  F2 OKALOOSA                       01/05/1962       Tornado  F2  OKALOOSA                      01/05/1962         Tornado  F2 OKALOOSA                      01/05/1962         Tornado  F2 SANTA ROSA                   03/31/1962         Tornado  F3 HILLSBOROUGH            02/19/1963         Tornado  F2 POLK                                02/19/1963           Tornado  F2 MARION                          01/12/1964           Tornado  F2 OKALOOSA                    12/25/1964           Tornado  F3 BROWARD                      02/23/1965          Tornado  F3 LEE                                   02/23/1965          Tornado  F2 PALM BEACH                03/14/1965         Tornado  F2 OKALOOSA                    12/10/1967         Tornado  F2  WALTON                         12/10/1967         Tornado  F3 HOLMES                         12/10/1967          Tornado  F2 BAY                                 12/10/1967         Tornado  F3 CALHOUN                      12/10/1967         Tornado  F2 GULF                               12/10/1967         Tornado  F2 PINELLAS                       12/28/1967        Tornado  F2 MIAMI – DADE              02/19/1968         Tornado  F2  ESCAMBIA                    12/01/1968         Tornado  F2 PINELLAS                     12/10/1969         Tornado  F2 HILLSBOROUGH         12/10/1969         Tornado  F2 SANTA ROSA               12/21/1969         Tornado  F2 GADSDEN                     12/25/1969         Tornado  F2 MADISON                    12/25/1969         Tornado  F2      Lake County Florida – Site of Today’s Event     1 LAKE      01/09/1953      Tornado  F1 2 LAKE      03/03/1960      Tornado  F2 3 LAKE      05/10/1962      Tornado  F2 4 LAKE      07/29/1963      Tornado  F1 5 LAKE      03/07/1971      Tornado  F2 6 LAKE      05/15/1974      Tornado  F1 7 LAKE      08/06/1974      Tornado  F1 8 LAKE      02/06/1975      Tornado  F1 9 LAKE       04/11/1975     Tornado  F1 10 LAKE     04/18/1978     Tornado  F1 11 LAKE     04/19/1978     Tornado  F1 12 LAKE     05/14/1979     Tornado  F1 13 LAKE     08/23/1979     Tornado  F1 14 LAKE     02/11/1981     Tornado  F1 15 LAKE     07/08/1981     Tornado  F1 16 LAKE     04/09/1982     Tornado  F2  17 LAKE     05/25/1982     Tornado  F1  18 LAKE     04/15/1983     Tornado  F1 19 LAKE     04/23/1983     Tornado  F1  20 LAKE     08/31/1985     Tornado  F2  21 LAKE     03/14/1986     Tornado  F1 22 LAKE     04/15/1987     Tornado  F2 23 LAKE     04/19/1988     Tornado  F1  24 LAKE     03/03/1991     Tornado  F1      Now you have the evidence the next time you might want to speak up and say; “hey wait a minute, who said it is global warming”.     ___________________________     What Are People Saying About ‘Solar Rain’?     “I would say that your “equation” which I will call a very logical premise is real and plausible. The American Meteorological Society has asked the NOAA Space Environment Center to conduct trainings with local meteorologist on how to read and present space weather. So Mitch, your ‘super-duper doppler weatherman’ is a reality.”  Dr. Ernest Hildner, Director NOAA Space Weather Center              “Mitch Battros is one of those amazing individuals that has taken as his mission to disseminate on a broad scale information of great relevance that otherwise might have remained hidden in the archives of specialized scholars. With his great understanding not only of spiritual undercurrents, but also of science, he builds bridges between science and spirituality as well as between ancient wisdom and modern knowledge and makes them accessible to a broad range of people. Mitch Battros has presented us with a well researched study of the origin of these phenomena and we are being brought into a world of richness that I for one hardly knew existed before—the Sun.” Carl Johan Calleman, Historical Scholar – author of Enlightenment: The Mayan Calendar     “Scientists have more recently begun to consider a Sun-Earth connection in the way of weather as you describe. Mitch, I believe your (equation) is right on target. We know the recent ozone depletion which measured up to 60% was caused by the Sun. Your study of charged particles from the Sun and its effect to our magnetic field and further down to the stratosphere and even ionosphere can cause disturbance to the Northern and Southern Pacific Oscillation.”   Dr. Pål Brekke, Deputy Director of SOHO project- European Space Agency     When I first interacted with Mitch Battros, I was most impressed with his grasp of the challenges we face in disaster preparedness.  I am thrilled that Mitch has taken on both the physical and emotional aspects of preparedness in this powerful book about earth and our solar context.  Mitch’s outstanding contribution is bridge-building from solar phenomena that influence conditions we experience down to implications, consequences and appropriate actions for us as individuals and members of organizations.  Richard Gelb, former regional Training Coordinator Emergency Management Office     “I have been reading the earth changes newsletter of Mr. Mitch Battros, in which he addresses all aspects of the Sun-Earth connection as well as other important humanitarian issues, for a number of years and I have been impressed by the scientific competence of Mr. Battros and by his high ethical standards. I also admire his broad knowledge, dedicated commitment and unusually high diligence. I agree with his views on the physics underlying the Sun to Earth influence. (Of course, I am convinced that one day science will speak of a Galactic Center – Sun – Earth connection.) I wish Mr. Battros the continued professional success that his admirable and exemplary work deserves.” Dr. Gerhard Loebert, recipient of the Needle of Honor in astrophysics, designer of project  “Firefly” 2nd generation stealth fighter.     “We have carefully followed the research of Mitch Battros for several years and continue to do so with increasing interest as so many of his theories and prognostications prove themselves to be accurate and true. His provocative new theory about the Sun-Earth relationship is certain to arouse serious thought as Battros carefully balances the latest science with ancient texts. Such a mixture will reassure and fascinate a wide range of readers.”  Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger, authors of over 30 best-selling books     “I would say the Sun-Earth connection does indeed follow your “Equation”. When charged particles hit the magnetic field, the field is disturbed and I would think it will affect the jet stream. The earth weather can be chaotic; any small change in one area (ionosphere) can have an affect on other atmospheric conditions of the earth.” Dr. Stefaan Poedts: Lead Scientist University of Leuven Center for Plasma Astrophysics     Frequently it takes an “outsider” to think “out-of-the-box” and move culture closer to the truth.   Mitch is a futurist thinker, driven by his curiosity. Happily, the book has emerged from Mitch and it is bound to spark discussion and further discoveries that will benefit all humans. Dr. William Costello, Emeritus Prof. of Psycholinguistics, SFSU     “There is clearly a connection between solar activity and a disturbance in the magnetic field which surrounds the earth. As a scientist, it is always best to keep an open mind as new information can come forward and challenge our current understandings. Regarding meteorologist forecasting space weather, we hope this will occur more often” Dr. Ronald van der Linden, Director of Solar Physics Department of the Royal Observatory     “The untiring work of Mitch Battros has led to his unique ability to link the best of current astronomical research with archaeological discovery so as to bring about a universal consciousness of the power of the sun for the sake of our descendants that they may adapt to inevitable change and relearn how to live in harmony with Nature. I wholeheartedly recommend his work without reservation.” Crichton E M Miller, author of The Golden Thread of Time and The Celtic Cross     “Modern telescopes have shown us that the Sun is an active, even violent place, with predictable and unpredictable cycles, and massive explosions that occasionally shower Earth’s magnetosphere. It is the source of the solar wind, responsible for what is now called “space weather.” In this book, Mitch Battros has drawn inferences about how this solar activity affects Earth weather and climate, both short-term and long-term. These are dialogues the scientific community needs to have because the stakes are high for all of us.” Dr. Tom Van Flandern, former US Naval Observatory Chief of Celestial Mechanics     “Mitch Battros draws attention to the intimate connection between energetic events on the Sun and weather on Earth. Humanity has a simple faith in a constant Sun that is not borne out by recent observations. If we are to have a more realistic perspective on climate change we should consider arguments like those assembled by Mitch in Solar Rain.” Wallace Thornhill, Physicist – author of The Electric Universe     Mitch Battros has played an important role in educating the public about Earth Changes and the Sun. I would expect the increasing recognition of the role the Sun plays in our lives and fortunes will be recognized by both the science community and the public in general. I ordered his new book, and I hope many others will do the same. Jim Berkland, Geologist

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