Re: {Disarmed} [Cognoscence] Skateboarder Tasered at San Diego Stat

From: Clive Denton

Date: 2007-02-12 09:14:19

More and more evidence of this type of over use of the stun gun by police is being may available on YouTube and other similar media sites. Yet none of this seems to be evidence enough to curve or restrict it’s use by theses bully boy police. How much of this true abuse is not being or has not been videoed and made public?   Below are a few more startling videos of Police use of the Stun Gun and also of Police brutality in general that has been made public.   Warning! Some of the videos are rather shocking and this should be considered when watching.   The latest video of William Cardenas.…   The 2004 anti-war…   The Brutal Murder of Deacon Fredrick williams by members of the Gwinnett County Police and Sheriffs, 2005.…   LAPD (AGAIN) Clubbing Protestors. July…   Unlawful Police arrest and…   Miami Police Brutality. Police over use of…   Women Tazered by US police.…   Clive     —– Original Message —– From: Andrew Johnson To: ad.johnson@ntlworld…. Sent: Saturday, February 10, 2007 9:28 AM Subject: {Disarmed} [Cognoscence] Skateboarder Tasered at San Diego State University www.liveleak .com/view? i=e73678d8db   A video of a skateboarder being arrested by San Diego State Campus Police was posted on YouTube Thursday morning. The video, captured by a student’s cell phone camera, shows police subduing 21-year old Josh Gandy and using a stun gun on him. Police say Gandy, who is not a student on the campus, refused to get off his skateboard and became threatening towards officers.   It seems Universities are happy to employs thugs as security guards. A similar incident happened in November at UCLA com/watch? v=AyvrqcxNIFs&eurl=   www.prisonpl articles/ november2006/ 161106torturedid .htm

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