From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-03-14 10:40:51

  THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL CHEMTRAIL COVERAGE (March 4, 2007)… Saturday evening I was able to sit back and watch the Discovery channel chemtrail coverage originally presented on Thursday evening. With previous news of the upcoming broadcast I pondered what slant would be used to obscure the public’s understanding to what these really are. Sure enough, I wasn’t disappointed.Immediately the deception began by directing the emphasis of the presentation to a faulty concept of an aluminum component present in commercial jet fuel. This ‘scientific investigation’ appeared very impressive on the surface. It seemed as if they were actually determined to go all-out to solve this chemtrail ‘mystery.’ Armed with $1M in research equipment to ‘sniff’ out the chemical culprits thought to be secretly hidden in commercial jet fuel; predictably, they found nothing. I suspect even the researchers knew they wouldn’t find anything in the commercial jet fuel because even I knew they wouldn’t. However, I did find it interesting that the military refused to provide a sample of their jet fuel for testing. Suggestive that something is obviously going on.The material for this ‘investigation’ presented by the ‘Not to Discover’ channel was just as you would expect from a controlled media production. They presented carefully selected material arranged into a purposely crafted design. They started with an easily dismantled, implausible and ridiculous hypothesis from a collection of amateur opinions on chemtrails. The investigation then set the stage for discarding the validity of chemtrails from this bogus hypothesis. This is the kind of bad ‘science’ commonly implemented to dismantle any information that gets too close to the truth. It’s called discrediting. CLIP

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