FW: ‘9/11 TRUTH ANSWERS BBC’ – meeting Monday 19th March (London)

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-03-14 17:07:22

Please circulate  to anyone who might be able to make it down to London – thank you  .         9/11 TRUTH ANSWERS BACK TO THE BBC  Following BBC coverage of the 9/11 Truth movement in February 9/11 Truth Campaign ( London group) invites members of the public, press & media to attend a first showing o 9/11:  COCK-UP OR CONSPIRACY?*   a new film by David Shayler & Adrian Connock,  followed by a discussion chaired by Stefan Souppouris, author of ‘What the BBC didn’t tell you’   on     Monday 19th March at 7 pm at Indian YMCA, 41 Fitzroy Square, London W1 (Warren Street tube)   Admission FREE   The BBC2 ‘Conspiracy Files’ programme which went out on Sunday 18th February set out to discredit the 9/11 Truth movement, at a time when huge numbers of people in the UK and around the world are starting to question the official account of the events of 9/11, thanks to seminal films on the subject such as Loose Change 2.  LC2 has been screened across Europe on terrestrial TV (except in the UK), and continues to top the list of most-Googled films on the internet (100 million+ downloads).   LC2 and its youthful makers came in for particular flack from the mighty BBC, with zero credit given for the film’s having been produced on a shoestring and without the aid of banks of researchers and technicians. And certainly not for commercial gain, but purely in order to alert fellow-Americans to the possibility that a seriously criminal element within the US body politic could be working in collusion with Al Qaeda to perpetrate wars/impose domestic controls under the heading of the ‘War on Terror’, triggered by 9/11.        The BBC’s showing of such a distorted and emotionally-charged documentary, which paid conspicuously little attention to the real facts of 9/11, has only served to highlight the moral abdication of the mainstream press and media regarding this issue   9/11 cannot just be swept under the carpet of history and the official conspiracy theory perpetrated by the 9/11 Commission of Inquiry be allowed to stand as the final word on 9/11, with 6 years on the BBC and other influential media continuing to reinforce the lie. To allow this to continue would be an INSULT TO THE VICTIMS who by now number hundreds of thousands killed in the consequent wars, as well as all those who perished on the day itself; an INSULT TO THE WORLDWIDE MUSLIM COMMUNITY which has been demonised and marginalised as a direct result of 9/11; an INSULT TO SCIENCE, since the official account of the 4 crashes refutes basic laws of physics as well as aeronautics; an INSULT TO HISTORICALTRUTH, our legacy to future generations; in fact, an INSULT TO THE HUMAN RACE, that a relatively small cabal of powerful individuals hell-bent on their own agenda have successfully managed to hoodwink the rest of humanity and get away with a crime of monumental proportions, committed under all our noses in broad daylight!       Contrary to the implication in the BBC documentary it is the families of the victims themselves who are demanding justice and a re-opening of the Inquiry, as well as many senior figures in the US administration and military, not to mention streams of scientists and academics –  see www.patriotsquestion….   Fortunately for the human race, truth is stronger than lies, as is light stronger than darkness. The vast majority of  people prefer truth to untruth and we particularly dislike being conned, which is maybe why so many still prefer to cling to the official fairy-story since facing the raw reality that we have been duped is difficult and painful.   Eventually though, the truth WILL out; it’s only a question of when, and whether this will happen in time to stop the criminals who perpetrated 9/11 getting away with further flagrant atrocities.   For the moment it is incumbent on all citizens of the planet who pride themselves on their intelligence and/or their moral sense to KEEP ASKING QUESTIONS. Don’t take the official line on 9/11, indeed on ANYTHING as the gospel!!   Find out the facts for yourself!  JOIN THE TRUTH REVOLUTION!    And in the first instance come along and join in what promises to be an informative debate on 19th March.    UK 9/11 Truth Campaign (London group)                www.911truthcampaign…   PS if you do come along with intent to challenge us we will be pleased but we do recommend you do your homework as there will be scientists, engineers and other specialists at the meeting. Though we will deal with some of the emotional issues raised in the BBC programme, in the main we will be focussing on FACTS, not opinion, and will respond best if questions or comments are serious and well-sourced.           NB THERE WILL BE FURTHER MEETINGS ON 9/11 AND RELATED ISSUES AT THIS SAME VENUE ON MONDAY 16th APRIL & MONDAY 14th MAY. Make all 3 dates for your diary!    * The film title has changed from 9/11:CASE CLOSED to the new title. The content has not changed  

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