FW: New Starchild Book by Lloyd Pye Now Available

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-03-14 23:44:03

Attachments : Hi,   Lloyd is working hard to self-publish his own book. He has had a disappointing response following his Coast-To-Coast appearance, so if you can forward this to any interested contacts, that would be good…   Sorry if you have already received a copy of this from Lloyd’s own list. Andrew Collector's Edition CoverWorth Waiting For! You have received this email because you asked to be notified when the new book THE STARCHILD SKULL — Genetic Enigma Or . . . Human-Alien Hybrid? by Lloyd Pye is available. The book’s First Edition will be available in book stores on July 7, 2007. However, Bell Lap Books Inc., in conjunction with Lloyd Pye and StarchildProject.com, are pleased to announce that a special pre-release Collector’s Edition is available to order right now!   This pre-release is only available until April 5, 2007, so be sure you take advantage of this strictly limited offer while you can. On April 6, 2007, the number of books ordered will be sent for printing. The book will be a top-quality hardback with 300+ pages and 64 full-color plates. Once printed, every copy will be signed and hand-numbered by the author, Lloyd Pye, to increase their future value to book collectors. All orders will be shipped to purchasers in May. The cost per book is $30 US, plus $5 S&H in the U.S. and $10 S&H outside the U.S. We guarantee a great read, and if for no other reason than the strictly limited printing, we can assure you that these true collector’s items can and will appreciate in value.   Orders can be placed online at www.BellLapBooks.com, by phone in the US 1-800-992-4821, or by mail (see below for details)   Click here to ORDER   Please read on for a special letter from the author…   This book’s official First Edition release date of July 7th was chosen to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the famous UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico. In fact, for the four days of the Roswell celebration, the real Starchild skull is scheduled to be on display for the first time since the bone was initially cut for testing in late 1999. This will be a major event, giving the Starchild press and media coverage from at least the 30 countries that have applied to Roswell’s city government for permission to park satellite trucks in the city limits.   For people in the alternative knowledge community, people such as you, the book’s publisher, Bell Lap Books Inc., is making available a special Collector’s Edition that can be ordered from now until April 5. Understand that, for a number or reasons, a Collector’s Edition will always have addional value to the thousands (if not millions) of book collectors out there. First, it will be somewhat different from all subsequent editions. It will have the words “Collector’s Edition” prominent on the cover, and I will personally sign and hand-number each copy. (Please don’t ask for an inscription for this copy; if you must have a copy inscribed, get one of the later editions. To maximize value to collectors, only the author’s signature and a hand-lettered volume number should be included.) This is more than a purchase, it’s an investment.   The fact that only a limited number of this edition will ever be printed gives it immediate value to collectors. However, if we obtain the DNA test result in 2010 that we now feel certain the new 454 Life Sciences technique will produce, this edition’s value will skyrocket. So think about getting not only a copy for yourself, but also for your children and/or grandchildren. The longer they keep it, safe and pristine, the higher its value will rise. Books are great in that way. All are housebroken, all are extremely quiet, and all are remarkably easy to be kept watered and fed.   I can guarantee that, over and above the Collector Edition’s potential monetary value, if you love a cracking good read you will not be disappointed in this book. Pre-reader comments have been consistently laudatory, and I think you, too, will become mesmerized by this remarkable saga of ups and downs and zigs and zags toward the final historic resolution that clearly looms in our collective future. Any of your friends with an interest in alternative knowledge would likely feel the same way, so be sure to let them know about it, too.   If you are interested in ordering THE STARCHILD SKULL — Genetic Enigma Or… Human-Alien Hybrid?, please visit www.BellLapBooks.com, call 1-800-992-4821, or see the mailing instructions below. Thank you for the time you’ve taken to read this, and when you get your copy of the book in May, please write or email me (lloyd@lloydpye.com) to tell me how you feel about it! We will eventually have a “Reader’s Opinion” page on the Starchild website, so your comments may well end up there!   –Lloyd Pye   Click here to ORDER   CONGRATULATIONS to our 10 lucky winners of the Free Books promotion. Winners have been notified by email of their good fortune, and have until May 31, 2007 to claim their prize, so make sure you check any email addresses you entered into the drawing.   MAIL ORDER INFORMATION If you wish to place an order by check or Money Order, please ensure that you enclose your name and shipping address, along with payment for $30.00 per copy, plus $5.00 shipping to the US, or $10.00 shipping outside the USA. Please make all checks payable to “Bell Lap Books Inc.” and mail to:   Bell Lap Books Inc. 38 S. Blue Angle Pkwy Suite 210 Pensacola, Florida   32506-9754 USA   Thank You. There is no need to unsubscribe from this emailing list. This is a one-time promotion by Bell Lap Books Inc. in conjunction with Lloyd Pye and StarchildProject.com, and you will not be contacted about anything other than this special offer. However, if you would like to receive periodic updates about the Starchild and Lloyd Pye events, click here to be added to their Mailing List.

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