BBC: UK hacker loses extradition fight

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-04-03 13:27:02

 Pretty much shows Reid’s colours in that he is not interested in the plight of a UK citizen who did no real damage to anything. A true indicator of the terrible, terrible state we are in. Rule by Secrecy. UK hacker loses extradition fight   Gary McKinnon could face a prison sentence of 45 yearsA British man has lost his High Court fight against extradition to the US for allegedly carrying out the “biggest military computer hack of all time”. Glasgow-born Gary McKinnon, 41, is accused of gaining access to 97 US military and Nasa computers. Home Secretary John Reid granted the US request to extradite him for trial. At the High Court in London, his lawyers argued he had been subjected to “improper threats” and the move would breach his human rights. His lawyers had argued that, if extradited, he would face an unknown length of time in pre-trial detention, with no likelihood of bail. He would also face a long prison sentence, “in the region of 45 years” and may not be allowed to serve part of the sentence at home in the UK, Edmund Lawson QC said. Mr McKinnon has never denied that he accessed the computer networks of a wide number of US military institutions between February 2001 and March 2002. Mr McKinnon, arrested in November 2002, has always maintained that he was motivated by curiosity and that he only managed to get into the networks because of lax security. Source:… BBC Click Online interview with Gary McKinnon The transcript and video clip of the BBC Click Online interview with Gary McKinnon is now online. Note to the people interested in “UFOs” – Gary claims to have seen possible evidence of “supressed technology”, which does not have to be “alien” in origin. Gary McKinnon’s Extradition hearing is this Wednesday 10th May 2006. starting at 10 am at Bow Street Court in London. Continue reading “BBC Click Online interview with Gary McKinnon” » ====================================================================Gary’s main  

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