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From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-04-21 09:53:02

Quite a few “ducks and dives” here… From: Stephen Calkins To: ecstacy2@earthlink.n… Sent: Friday, April 20, 2007 7:51 PM Subject: [Eyepod] VTech background Info, and clarification of earlier article   Steve’s Note: I forwarded a link yesterday showing ‘photos of a man being arrested at the site of the first shootings at V Tech.’ (see below) Some people have interpreted the link to be suggesting that the two people in the photos are the same person. The point of the comparison is to not to state that these two people are the same person. (Most people can recognize that they ARE different people, (nor did the article intend to infer they were the same person.)The question being rasing was: ‘if the first shooter was ‘in custody’, then WHO did the 2nd shooting?’ (Also, the shooter at the 2nd site had: ‘no ID’, his face was ‘blown away beyond recognition’ , and his identity was unknown for sometime.)Now this earlier arrest could definitely just be a case of ‘mistaken identity’, (where police falsely believed that this man (‘fitting the description of the suspected shooter’), mistakenly arrested him, later releasing him. This could be a possible explanation.However, the writer of the article considered another possibility. That being that the 2nd shooter was NOT Cho. One point I have raised earlier is some of my lists is: ‘why would a person that is planning on dying, (he supposedly committed suicide), going to scratch the serial numbers off the two weapons?’ Obviously ID’ing the weapons is a mute point if you are dead. The only person that would want to scratch the numbers off would be a person that was concerned about being traced.Another oddity is the emailing of the video and photos, etc by the ‘shooter’ to NBC between shootings. Why would a man that is planning on dying, do this? (He wouldn’t get to see the effect of his publicity.) However, the MASSES WOULD hear about it: because the media would make a big deal about it, which they have. The purpose of the video, photos, etc, is to push this incident more fully into the public eye. (This also the reason that the media got all the anthrax letters back in 2001: to raise the level of exposure to this climate of fear. [The others that got the letters, Senators Dashel and Leahy: were blocking the Patriot bills passage, and after the anthrax letters, they stopped blocking the Patriot Act and it passed into law.])Now I don’t know your level of exposure to the events surrounding another similar shooting in Littleton Colorado, (Columbine HS), [on almost the exact same date 8 years ago, but if you are not, it would be wise to go online and read some of what has been put out by survirors of that event. They will tell you that there were 7-8 people involved in that event, seen carrying guns, bombs, etc earlier that day. Only two were ever blamed, (the two that committed suicide), and the FBI cam in and covered up everything else. The lead investigator was the actual father of one of the ‘Trenchcoat mafia’, that carried out the shootings, and he helped them make a video a year earlier, that showed a similar event occurring at the school, concluding with the school blowing up, (in that video). The FBI claimed there was no conflict of interest. Kids were coerced to change their testimony, by invetigators, to there being only two shooters, and 6 people died violently after the event, that were investigatiing it or talking openly about it.There are a lot more details about the Virginia Tech shootings that make it look like what happened in Colorado 8 years ago. People that know what happened in CO, know that there is a very evil group that has been using fear and terror to help bring about a controlled society. I can’t possibly bring you up to speed on what they have been doing, in this one email. All I can do is recommend that you research 911, Columbine, OK City bombing, Waco, and the Branch Davidians, (for starters), and if you do that, it will bring you into a place were the questions being raised about Cho and what happened at Virgina Tech will make sense to you. The woman writing the article on Cho isn’t doing racial profiling. She is investigating a crime scene. The following will provide add more insights:———-Va. Tech gunman sent a video manifesto and photos to NBC By MATT APUZZOApril 18, 2007 www.washingt wp-dyn/content/ article/2007/ 04/18/AR20070418 00340.html? referrer= email&referrer= email&referrer= emailBLACKSBURG, Va. — Between his first and second bursts of gunfire, the Virginia Tech gunman mailed a package to NBC News containing pictures of him brandishing weapons and video of him delivering a diatribe about getting even with rich people.”This may be a very new, critical component of this investigation. We’re in the process right now of attempting to analyze and evaluate its worth,” said Col. Steve Flaherty, superintendent of Virginia State Police. He gave no details on the material, which NBC said it received in Wednesday morning’s mail.NBC said that a time stamp on the package indicated the material was mailed in the two-hour window between the first burst of gunfire in a high-rise dormitory and the second fusillade, at a classroom building. Thirty-three people died in the rampage, including the gunman, 23-year-old student Cho Seung-Hui, who committed suicide. The package included a manifesto that “rants against rich people and warns that he wants to get even.” clip..———— –Are antidepressant drugs an accomplice in the Virginia Tech shootings?by Mike Adams April 18 2007The Chicago Tribune reports that Cho Seung Hui, the Virginia Tech shooter who killed 32 fellow students in a shooting rampage, was taking antidepressant drugs. This is not the first time a school shooting rampage has been linked to antidepressants. The infamous Colombine High shootings took place almost exactly eight years ago, and the shooters in that rampage were also — you guessed it — taking antidepressant drugs. clip..Steve’s Note: Psychiatric drugs are often used to ‘control’ manchurian candidates, as it puts them in a stupor. Additionally, the video sent to NBC does not benefit a dead suicide-murderer. (As he won’t be around to watch their media exposure.) It does however create greater media ties to this event, the exposure of which is important to the controllers, who want this event to splash as big and as long as possible, for social and political control purposes. The same can be said of the scratched off serial numbers, (on the guns used in these crimes.) A person that commits suicide has no reason to hide the source of the weapons, as they are not worried about getting caught/identified through the guns being traced back to them, as they can’t be convicted if they are dead. Cho committed suicide. So, taking serial numbers off the guns would mean nothing to him after his death. However, it would mean something, if these guns happened to come from another source than the one the police claimed, (a local gun shop), as guns serial numbers can tell you who has owned it, where it came from, etc. ———— —Cathy O’Brien in her book “Access Denied”, says Blacksburg,Virginia is an military mind control location. (excerpt) disc. discussion. cgi?disc= 149495;article= 110387;title= APFN From “ACCESS DENIED For Reasons OF National Security” , chapter 22, page 160, 2nd Ed….“What’s DARPA?”The “Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency[1]. It’s the most Top Secret special weapons development lab in the world.”…From chapter 22, page 161, 2nd edition:….(Mark) “You’ve talked about, only not by name…. It’s in a sleepy little town in Virginia.”…(Cathy) “Blacksburg!”….(Mark) “Yes! I was aware of it when I was couriering file tapes for Ampex. My perception of DARPA is that it holds the key to what is eroding the soul of America- and the world. Everything I know may still be classified.” clip…[1] Wear anti-virus firewalls if/when seeking further information online regarding DARPA!On the Senate floor in 1977, Senator Ted Kennedy said, “The Deputy Director of the CIA revealed that over thirty universities and institutions were involved in an ‘extensive testing and experimentation’ program which included covert drug tests on unwitting citizens ‘at all social levels, high and low, native Americans and foreign.” One such victim of these experiments was Cathy O’Brien, who immediately after the shootings re-iterated the revelations in her latest book, that Blacksburg Virginia is a central location for mind control programs that are still ongoing today. www.trance- formation. com/ ———-Clips from AP reported early in the shootings at V Tech:’AP confirms 1 suspect under arrest, now reporting additional shooter….”Car bomb just exploded next to dormitory… .’ Source:www.godlikep roductions. com/bbs/message. php?messageid= 373425&mpage= 1&showdate= 4/16/07&forum= 1   Even though the subject is so Horible I was enthralled with all the coverage and was noticing some problems or holes in the way the story unfolded which led me to believe this was somehow orchestrated (even more morbid and horrible sounding I tried not to think there) but first interviews with students showed one saying over and over “why did they do this, why did they do this” then later that same sentence not heard again and then the reports of the Lone Gun man and I had already intuned that it was going to be a Korean face. This sounds really morbid but my first thought when I noticed something didn’t seem to add up with regards to what I saw in coverage and what I heard said was that the PTB want a new face of the enemy because everyone is saying they don’t know what they are doing in the terrorist battle, I new it would be Korean and then it was so. Cookie cutter perfect almost…I think they will explain the first shooting like this, they thought it was just a domestic fight because when they found the first two victims the male had a gun on him so it was surmised he was the shooter of the girl and shot himself after, but then they will say they were confused because they didn’t think the first victim would be carrying a gun in school and they didn’t want it to leak out that it isn’t that unusual to find an armed student, they were told or saw it as an isolated shooting.Thanks for sending this post Steve, it is so morbid a subject and risks offending sensitivies but I wanted to shout from the roof something is wrong here with out looking Nuts. Thanks for your post I had to actually search the term ” Psyop ” not knowing what it meant but upon learning it matches what my instinct told me, and according to the internet a practice of the military.sincere thoughtsTricia— In Eyepod@yahoogroups. com, Stephen Calkins wrote: >> PHOTOS OF SHOOTING SUSPECT & OF HIS ARREST AFTER THE FIRST SHOOTING!! > Go to the following link for the photos: http://www.rumormil cgi-bin/forum. cgi?read= 102928> These two photos (see link) are of the suspect in the Virginia Tech killings, being compared to the photo of a man being arrested at the site of the first shooting in the dorm earlier that day. > The man being arrested in the earlier shooting looks just like the man accused of the shootings later that day. (ie: Cho.) IF he was arrested (after the first shooting), then WHO is the person that did the 2nd shooting!! (and whose face was blown away, and was without an ID, at the site of the larger later massacre?) > IF these photos (at the link), are correct, then we have a VERY large issue here. (Psyop!!) > The woman that posted these photos, (Raelyn from RMN), I have a LOT of respect for. If she is correct, then Virigina Tech is a clear psyop, and we are majorly being messed with. Please check the photos and consider this infromation. Love, Steve >CU

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