Neo-Con “Stop Rosie” Founder Admits Defeat

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-04-26 15:06:27… Neo-Con “Stop Rosie” Founder Admits Defeat
O’Donnell’s new TV show to give 9/11 truth a new lease of life, absent censorship she endured at hands of Neo-Con ABC producer Paul Joseph Watson & Alex JonesPrison PlanetThursday, April 26, 2007 The Neo-Con founder of a campaign to silence Rosie O’Donnell has admitted defeat in his bid to have the host kicked off the air for her controversial comments about 9/11 and related issues, as Rosie prepares to launch her own TV show which will be absent the censorship she had to endure at ABC. Neo-Con talking heads, Donald Trump and even some 9/11 truth activist groups are erroneously claiming that Rosie O’Donnell was fired by ABC in an attempt to strip her of her status as a crusader for free speech. The truth is that Rosie was sick and tired of ABC’s deliberate attempts to censor her and had already decided to leave The View several weeks ago. In addition, The View wanted O’Donnell to sign a three year contract when Rosie just wanted a shorter commitment of 12 months. Rosie leaving The View is not a victory for the free speech haters who orchestrated a witch hunt to get her off the air, she will be back for guest host spots on the daytime broadcast and is also working on her own new TV show. The new project already has several interested parties and it is likely that Rosie’s main negotiating tactic will be the proviso that her statements about 9/11 and related issues not be censored. Indeed, the founder of Stop Rosie, a petition that aimed to silence O’Donnell, Ethan Czahor, today admits defeat in his quest to end free speech in America. “By not renewing her contract, Disney-ABC took the heat off of their back. But by suggesting she is returning for ‘guest-hosting’ and other appearances, they have made it clear that they do not, and will not, condemn anything Rosie has said or done in the past. So they’ve won. There is no rebuttal I can offer, no next step I can take (for now). Masterfully, Disney-ABC and Rosie O’Donnell avoided confronting any opposition that would lead to a loss of viewers, and at the same time extinguished the entire momentum of my campaign,” whines Czahor. The ratings surge and interest O’Donnell brought to The View as a result of her forthright political commentary means numerous production houses are already clamoring to buy her new show, proving that the attempt on behalf of the debunkers to crush free speech has dramatically backfired and 9/11 truth is set to enjoy a new lease of life. One of the primary reasons why O’Donnell rejected ABC’s contract offer was because the show’s Neo-Con producer, Bill Geddie, was continually editing her statements and censoring what could be broadcast. The View is normally pre-taped and aired the next day but occasionally on Tuesdays or Thursdays the broadcast goes out live. Sources tell us that O’Donnell would choose the live show to make statements about 9/11, but that after the initial furore, Geddie even resorted to inserting a gap between the recording and the transmission so that he could live edit controversial statements he didn’t like. Obviously, Rosie’s new show is not going to be devoted to political activism, but having committed herself to exposing 9/11 truth, there is little doubt that O’Donnell will generously feature guests and information conducive to the 9/11 Truth Movement. Interviews with ground zero first responders who are dying as a result of a government cover-up of the toxic air scandal in the hours after 9/11 were taped yesterday and are set to air Friday on The View, Geddie’s censorship permitting.

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