ADJ (me!) on “We Ourselves” – US Radio Show with Ambrose Lane

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-04-26 23:36:18

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a chap called Frank Ferguson who suggested I talk on to Ambrose Lane’s “We Ourselves” Daily Morning Talkshow, broadcast in the Washington DC area and on a network called “XM”, to talk about 9/11 Research. Ambrose is a big supporter of Prof Judy Wood’s work   Download the whole broadcast here (40 minutes duration) – if my website is back up!   www.checktheevidence…   Or download in 4 parts here (bottom of page)… I wasn’t sure what Ambrose was going to ask me and I am really not used to talking at length without being asked questions. Neither had I written out a plan of what I wanted to say, though I had a rough idea…! So the the thing was totally unscripted…. It was funny how 2 of the callers said “I am glad you are looking into it!” as if I was some government official or something (i.e. I would say to them “aren’t you looking into it too???”)

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