More thoughts on London 2012 Olympics – ZION logo?

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-06-13 10:52:31

   From my network list:When I first saw the London 2012 Olympics newly re-branded logo I initially thought it was some joke until they starting putting up posters all over the place and creating marketing campaigns around it…  It is not only hideous and sinister looking, but it actually spells the word ZION and not necessarily 2012 as they would have us believe. The word is ZION or ZIONists is bound to bring a every conspiracy theorists out of the wood work. While they will tell us that it is 2012, the subliminal and more creative mind picks up the actual meaning instantly… ZION, NAZI, take your pick…  The year 2012 also happens to be a very significant date or “end-game” date when elitists particularly a closed group known as ZIONists (Nothing to do with jews) believe they will have everyone pretty much under fascist global control.
 I thought I was the only one being paranoid about the logo till I read from Reuters today that variants of this logo are triggering epileptic fits in some people. I can not believe this is the best the british could come up with as a design unless there’s another objective. A toddler could have come up with a better design.  Reuters articleEpilepsy fears nix animated London 2012 “Critics of the emblem have described it as “hideous,” while organizers called it powerful and modern.” Reuters. Logo  LONDON OLYMPICS STYLIZED SWASTIKA

– London Olypics 2012 official website:
– The new design cost: £400,000!…
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