FW: Invitation to Disclose.tv

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-06-16 00:31:36

This is a kind of “Offshoot” or re-working of YouTube/LiveVideo ================ Hi there, Have you ever heard about HAARP, the Morgellons Syndrome, Area 51, Planet X, the Illuminati or the Mayan Prohpecy about the upcoming changes in the year 2012? Well, I would kindly like to introduce you to Disclose.tv – a new video and photo sharing community dedicated to top secret, unusal or unexplained topics of this world – the first of its kind. Many of the videos uploaded on Disclose.tv have been banned from TV because of their controversial and mind-boggling nature, and that can only mean one thing: Hours and hours of rare videos that many do not want you to see! Watch latest video footage uploaded on Disclose.tv now: www.disclose.tv Kind Regards, Serina Holmes www.disclose.tv Reveal Truth. Deny Ignorance.

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