Crop Circle hits the papers today!

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-07-03 11:51:01

Attachments : Crop Circles are back, and this time they’re in 3-D! The art of crop circles reaches a new height of sophistication with this astonishing three-dimensional design   Page 3 in the UK Daily Mail  2nd July 2007        Photo:Steve Alexander >> Also on the Daily Mail website… This is truly a wonderful sight. In light of the hard times that the world is currently facing I think sights like this are much welcomed. I for one like to think that there is something beyond this awful world. – Susan, Surrey Wonderful – don’t care how they were created – absolutely amazing.– Olderbird, Northants ….. Source:       — FranK Ða Silva :: HÿÞêr§ÞΛcΞ ΞxÞlorêrDMT-Labs: www.cybernest.infoGR…: www.lawoftime.orgOnd… web-blog: ondadx.blogspot.comM…:… DRΣΛΜS ΛRΣ ЯΣΛL :: TIMΣ = ΛRT ::GalacticComm:…… –YOU ARE PART OF CRYSTALEAGLE’S ONDADX-NETWORK MAILING LIST AND IT CONTAINS INFORMATION TO TICKLE YOUR BRAIN — IF FOR ANY REASON YOU WANT TO STOP RECEIVING EMAILS FROM ME, PLEASE DROP ME A LINE! The articles and third part links not always reflect my opinion and are for informational and educational purposes only; any use of this information is at the individuals own liability! Don’t be alarmed when things start changing. Don’t panic! The fun has just begun!

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