FW: [infowarsnews] Iraqi Terror Link a Propaganda Coup

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-07-04 23:03:32

Attachments :   infowars. net/articles/ july2007/ 020707Propaganda .htm   Monday, July 2, 2007 The revelation that one of the men allegedly involved in the failed terror attacks on Glasgow and London was an Iraqi doctor who trained in Baghdad is a Propaganda coup for the British and American governments who will no doubt use the fact to tie Al Qaeda to Iraq and as justification for a continued presence there. Meanwhile the hysteria surrounding these events has reached such ridiculous heights that all manner of unconfirmed information is being put out by the mainstream media without rebuttal or even comment from the police or the government. Sources named one of the men arrested in connection with the events as an Iraqi, Dr Bilal Abdulla. The AP has reported that according to the British General Medical Council’s register, a man named Bilal Talal Abdul Samad Abdulla was registered in 2004 and trained in Baghdad. Another man being questioned is also a doctor, Mohammed Asha, a Jordianian or Saudi depending which source you believe, described as a “brilliant neurologist working for the NHS”. Reports also indicate that one of the two men who drove the blazing Jeep Cherokee into the terminal building at Glasgow airport on Saturday afternoon is also a doctor. It is not clear whether this man is either Asha or Abdulla or someone else. The reason details are unclear is that police have not divulged any information and everything that has been reported is media speculation. The government seems quite happy to allow conjecture and rumour to foment further hysteria. The news comes as police blew up a suspect car outside the Royal Alexandra Hospital near Glasgow, the same hospital the third doctor is said to have worked in – another car was also detonated on Sunday, reports Sky News. Some have speculated that the police were onto the two men who drove the Jeep into Glasgow airport beforehand because they are connected to the two failed car “bombs” in London. In addition in the two weeks before these incidents the terror alert level was raised and specific warnings were given that clubs may be targeted. The media is also already speculating that the fact an Iraqi carried this act out indicates that insurgents from Iraq are now infiltrating Britain and that we may see car bombings become routine as they are in Iraq. According to reports, British intelligence had warned the Government that Iranian Kurds could be plotting a campaign of terror to coincide with the handover of power from Tony Blair to Gordon Brown, reports the Daily Mail. US sources today suggested radical Al Qaeda affiliated Kurdish group Ansar al-Islam would have a motive for an attack on Britain, having been driven out of its northern Iraqi stronghold and into Iran after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein. Many of its fighters have since returned to Iraq to carry out a series of suicide and car bombings, the report continues. This is likely to be totally bogus and a blatant attempt to connect the events to Al Qaeda and Iraq. Like Al Qaeda, Ansar al-Islam has documented ties with U.S. intelligence. In any case all at once we are being told we have been attacked by some imported doctors, a radical Islamic Kurdish group who now reside in Iran and Al Qaeda! And all this without the police or government having uttered a word on the events. The ridiculous fearmongering mainstream media seems to think the term “Al Qaeda” is now simply a synonym for “terrorist” in general. This ludicrous moulding of public opinion dovetails nicely for the U.S. government as it provides a justification for a continued military presence in Iraq at a time when Britain as well as Australia seem on the verge of pulling troops out. The fresh violence also provides the re-shuffled British government under a new Prime Minister to push for an revamping of laws for the detention without trial of terror suspects. In her first Commons statement since her appointment on Thursday, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said: “Terrorism is a serious threat to us all. We must ensure our resources, capability and legislation support our common endeavour to defend the shared values of this country from terror.” Should we suddenly see the “Baghdadification” of the UK, serious questions need to be asked as to why that has occurred. We are still in Iraq, the country we invaded on a pack of lies and have since totally destroyed physically, morally and spiritually. In addition immigration from the middle east into Britain, via Europe continues unabated and at a rampant pace with little oversight. In addition we have also exposed the fact that our special operations units are literally arming and training insurgents in Iraq. If indeed Iraqi insurgents are “invading” UK shores to plan attacks whose fault is it? In the past we have worked to expose false flag terror operations, however judging from the total lack of sophistication of the latest “attacks” we are now apparently seeing do it yourself REAL terrorism taking precedent rather than state sponsored or intelligence provocateured terrorism, indicating that a section of people have become so radicalized that the intelligence services do not even have to have a hand in the plot.

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