Photograph of Bizarre Sky Formation-Staffordshire-ST-16

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-07-13 17:56:06…   Forum Member Takes Photograph of Bizarre Sky Formation-Staffordshire-ST-16 July 3, 2007-I’m soliciting opinions on this object, photographed by myself outside my home in Stafford (ST16 area) yesterday. Does anybody else in Stafford use these forums? Have you seen anything similar? It’s very odd, but I’m not convinced it’s extra terrestrial in origin. It just seemed so… real. Well it would wouldn’t it? Despite the weirdness of the object though, I’m skeptical. Maybe it does have a plausible explanation. The picture was taken around sunset yesterday. It was a funny day. Cloudy one minute, rainy the next, the clouds clearing… before returning and raining again. The weather got stuck in a loop. But around sunset this amazing affect occurred with (as you can see) strobes of sunshine piercing through a thick cloud across the entire sky. My wife noticed the stationary, very reflective (like blue chrome) object behind the dark grey cloud first and being completely flummoxed about it, told me to grab my camera. As I raised the camera and increased the zoom, the object suddenly started moving at an incredibly fast speed (seemed to be heading in our direction but going upwards) so I just pressed the button several times. We got several pics, but it only appeared on the first one. The object was definitely cylindrical, but with a strangely contoured convex base. There was a cross of incredibly bright light across the base, but a blinding (bright as the sun) ball of light at the front. (I say ‘front’ based on its trajectory.) I assume the whole top of the craft was bathed in this ‘light’ because you could see its aura around the entire thing. It was gone in an instant… and we were left feeling a bit frightened for a few minutes. I suggested we look up a UFO site on the internet and post it anonymous seeking opinions because we have nothing to lose by doing so. If any of our readers would like to comment on what this object may be, please comment on the existing forum thread, or you can direct your opinions directly to me. Thanks, B J UFO Casebook Forum Member-Laughing Policeman Published by the UFO Casebook Source & References: FO Casebook Forum Member-Laughing Policeman Published by the UFO Casebook Archived UFO Articles and News Items, 2007 UFO Casebook Home Page

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