Recent reports re: ‘No Sun link’ to climate change

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-07-15 13:45:57

A paper by Prof Mike Lockwood has just been published and a few (UK) news stories have referenced this e.g.…   I corresponded with Prof Lockwood and he kindly sent me a PDF copy of the paper. I found a couple of interesting nuggets in it – mainly in what it didn’t  say, rather than what it did say.   Below is the response I sent to Mike Lockwood. Will he twig? (The report I sent to him can be access here: www.checktheevidence…) Dear Prof Lockwood,   Many thanks for replying to my message of 06 July. I have spent a little time working through your interesting paper and realise that it does not even mention (in the main body) CO2 or “Greenhouse Gases”. This is very interesting to me.   My own view is that there are a number of factors at work here – and CO2 and industrialisation is likely the least significant of them. One question which arose in my mind is… what about the industrialisation previous to the last 20 years? For example, we had more sooty factory outputs and less efficient burning of fuels (though also less in amount) in the 1850’s-1950’s (at a guess).   Also, may I offer the following comments: in section 4 “Recent solar trends and their implications”, regarding the Cosmic Ray influence you say “We here do not discuss these mechanisms in any detail.”. I think this sort of area holds the key (see below). In what I think could turn out to be related, you mention in the Conclusions: “there was a detectable influence of solar variability in the first half of the twentieth century and that the solar radiative forcing variations were amplified by some mechanism which is, as yet, unknown.” Again, see below.   Whilst the data in your paper supports the idea that the Sun itself does not seem to have significantly affected the climate on Earth in the last 20 years, data from the rest of the Solar System suggests that something IS influencing the climate on several, if not ALL, of the other planets. Have a look:   Venus:…   (More on other Earth factors below)   Mars:…   Jupiter:…   Saturn:   www.daviddarling.inf…   (Spin time has changed – original new scientist article doesn’t seem to be available)   Uranus:… Neptune:… Pluto:…     I think this could have something to do with the physics which could explain the following facts:Olympus Mons, 27km high volcano on Mars – latitude 19 deg Solar Maximum – most sunspots occur at latitudes of 19.5 degrees Red Spot on Jupiter 19.5 degrees. Big Island of Hawaii – latitude 19 degrees Dark spot on Neptune – latitude 19 degrees Alpha & Beta Regio – Venusian volcanoes – latitude? You guessed it! 19.5 degrees. Strongest El Nino currents occur on latitude – 19 degrees. Also, I think the density of the Local Interstellar Medium could be changing (but this is Scientific Heresy, of course…)… Local Interstellar Medium

Research on the properties of the Local Interstellar medium have been carried out in scattered periods beginning in 1978. The NASA Space Physics Division has shown a persistent pernicious bias against work on the effects of the neutral gas in the LISM in the United States, from the time of the formation of the Division. The dominant role of neutral hydrogen in the formation of the termination shock in the collision of the solar wind with the LISM has only recently been recognized by the particles and fields research community, which has been supported primarily by the Space Science Division. The most important contributions to research in this program are papers (48), which presents a calibration independent method of determining absolute LISM density, and (89), which presents the first evidence for a large increase in the LISM neutral atomic hydrogen density from Voyager measurements of the 50 AU region, suggesting the approach to the termination shock (89). See 19, 20, 21, 48, 64, 82, 89. Finally, as I mentioned to you in my previous message, there is an unacknowledged aerosol spraying programme very much in use. This is very hard to believe, but if you read my report (attached – and agreed on by over 20 named signatories), you will find the basic data that proves it is happening. And it isn’t just me that thinks so – please see below – and see how baldly the agencies have denied the evidence I have presented.   Over to you.   Many thanks for reading this long message.   Yours Sincerely,   Andrew Johnson 22 Mear DriveBorrowashDerbyshireDE72 3QW Tel: 01332 674271 Replies to 2nd Press Release (…)     John H: I have photos from the skies over Bristol, UK that I took in 2004 showing chemtrails. I wrote to my MP asking what they there were but he didn’t know! Dear Mr. Johnson,   I would like to express my deep admiration for your efforts in rationalizing the chemtrail phenomenon with the relevant UK authorities. Please do not stop.   My name is KS and live in NE London.Aeresol operations are at times very heavy in this area. They fly virtually straight over my house (IG10). There is most definitely a cover up on the real nature of these emissions. Persistant bollocks from the authorities must be exposed and the phenomenon publicised as widely as possible.   I am interested in following your line of enquiry with the relevant authorities and wondered if you could give me some advice on methods to document and present evidence. Dear Andrew, first of all, let me say that I appreciate your concern, it must feel at times that you are the only one awake in a world of sleepwalkers and outright liars.  I’ve been CT aware since I read an article in Nexus magazine in about 2002. At the time I wasn’t too concerned as it wasn’t happening here, but in a few months it was..having been prepped I knew immediately what was happening. My only effort at contacting ‘the establishment’ was to email the Mayor of London’s environmental person, who said she didn’t know what the heck I was talking about or why I was contacting her office,and suggested I call my MP. I realised that official blanket denial was the order of the day, top priority.    All the best, Duncan. Hi,   Interested to read your documents on the chemtrails,I also have witnessed this strange cloud formation that seem to appear of the back of these “contrails”, I am sure that this never used to happen when seeing planes fly across the sky,you would see the vapour then a few seconds or at tops a minute they would be gone,so there does seem to be something going on! But what!  Keep up the good work in finding out information,i am not sure as an individual what I can do,any ideas? if you cant answer this email its ok,just to let you know that there are other people seeing this happen too.   J Hi there,                I`m Keith G, I live on the South Herts border in the UK. Early retired now I often take shots of various sunsets.. clouds or whatever. I remember in the 60`s.. seeing `contrails` where we lived in Ponders End Enfield.. North London.. I think I was told contrails. Well.. for some time its been too obvious.. I`ve even asked those I`ve found email addresses for, including a U.S. airforce commander.. er.. I realise we have high altitude planes monitoring weather, atmosphere, etc.. but.. why the need for at least five planes at one time early evening.. all leaving trails.. often criss cross.. I have many pics of this.. sunset and earlier morning. The answer.. `Your air space guys are very tight over there.. nothing to worry about`.. I wasn’t asking about security issues.. I`m asking why the need for five high altitude planes at one time, surely not just to produce pretty patterns for my enjoyment?I had a very late night last Saturday and was still up at 7.45am Sunday.. tapping outside.. a neighbour decided it was a good time to repair a flat roof edge.. his immediate neighbours must have been very pleased.. then I saw a trail.. ok.. took it.. five minutes later I looked out again and blimey.. there was a corker.. looked lower and was spreading out. I`ve not downsized it yet… was going to go out and see how far it went.. it was long.. and had already thickened. So that was aprox 8am.. and I bedded soon after. I KNOW  my neighbours think I must be an idiot taking pics of clouds.. maybe they think I`m looking for ufos.. er no.. I like sunbeams from behind clouds.. and sometimes get some good shots.  SO.. I`m following this `campaign` with interest. I`m not saying its pollution as such.. I do suffer bronchil trouble.. and my childhood was spent in a heavily polluted area.. even the smokeless zone went around a local industrial chimney.. did I laugh? How much did that cost em.. so..  WHY  so many at one time.. that’s my question. Early morning.. and evening. Er.. seen some by moonlight as well. How long have they been `adjusting` the weather? Regards, Keith G     Hi I just read your essay on the rense site. I have been watching chemtrails over the lower mainland of British Columbia and north west Washington state and photographing them since 1995. I’ve also observed them traveling in western US and Canada. By the way I spent 3 months in Belize winter 05/06 and didn’t see a single trail. In fact the only clear day which didn’t result in sky obscuration was July 4th, 2007. I guess they gave someone in the chain the day off. What evil must lurk in this chain for them to continuously spray poisons on their fellow man. Being a pilot for 40 years I tend to watch the sky and aircraft movements more than the average person. One particular incident stands out in my mind more than any of the others. One July day in 2005 I was walking my runway at about 10:00 am. I did this every day to ensure there was no FOD on the runway in case of visitors. I was walking back, about 023 degrees, when I saw what appeared to be a white DC-10, L-1011, or MD-11 at about 11-12,000 feet heading southeast and about my 1-2 o’clock and about 7-8 miles. It was spewing an enormous white trail and since it was just south of Vancouver when I spotted it, it had to be over Vancouver control zone and either in contact with center or with their prior knowledge of it’s passage. All this was going through my mind when it turned left and headed right down my runway heading and passed directly overhead as it went north east. I could see clearly this was a KC-10 with no markings. It continued the present heading maintaining the same altitude until it reached the north shore mountains where it turned off the spray and turned right heading to the Seattle area and initiated a climb. I’ve seen others including a more recent KC-767 just east of Vancouver where I live now but the KC-10 experience was the closest for me. I read somewhere the Bush Crime family has ordered 900, yes 900 more KC-767 aircraft from Boeing to add to their spraying fleet. It was mentioned that there was no retirement in store for the planes in inventory now. I have had a lot of material accumulate in our horse feeders and on my motor home from these recent sprayings so I’m going to collect as much as I can for testing. Best regards, Wayne   Hello Andrew.   I might have sent you a message once before since your address is in my e-mail listing.  Thank you so much for launching a true request for investigation into the by-now perennial chemtrail issue.  And thank you for acknowledging Clifford Carnicom’s work.  I distribute his documentary, and in case you don’t already have a copy, I would be happy to send you one if you give me your mailing address.   I think that the applications of this program are massive.  Nothing less than altering the entire matrix of the earth itself, so that all kinds of modifications of life can be effected.  I believe that creating drought and forcing population reduction and migration are part of it, not to mention the mind control associated with electromagnetic intervention.  I think we should stop using the word “weather”, since that implies something natural and I don’t think we have that anymore.  We have “managed climate states”.  I think “management” is the operative word for the entire operation.   Thanks for your initiative in this huge huge issue.   Harriett F     Dear Mr. Johnson,   My family has been watching the ever increasing aerosol spraying from aircraft.We first became aware of this daily operation in November 1998.   Please understand we are not radicals, we are retired professionals who have a good frame of reference of what normal clouds look like.   We have opposed the ‘covert-like’ legislation titled “weather modification”.   We hope that you will be willing to help uncover The Real Truth.   Sincerely,BC Arizona   There is a massive cover up – no question.   Today, as usual, I notice a thousand glinting minute metallic particles all over my car windscreen – and ask myself – where on earth this could have possible come from ??!!- knowing full well where.   Well done you for sending that report but it needs to go to people that will listen not the agencies that are bent on covering it up.   I have been tracking these since 2003.   Louise, London   Hello Andrew,   I picked up on your work from the Jeff Rense website.   Briefly, I got interested in what’s really going on in the world after my son became inexplicably ill in august 2004.1 have to say that at times I wished that this hadn’t happened, because as the saying goes ‘Ignorance is Bliss’.   One of my ‘gut feelings’ was that my son had been exposed to some sort of agent, perhaps a Mycoplasma of some sort.   When I saw the BBC news report on aerosol trials in the Sixties I thought it would be worth following up. I enclose the correspondence which I hope you will find informative.   The protective hoods produced by Avon cost less than £100 each. I rang them to enquire whether I could purchase one. The nice lady who spoke to me said that since the report had been made public (in the Telegraph originally) that she had been given a statement to work from when approached by a member of the public. Although the company website (www.avon-protection….) doesn’t directly state that the hoods can’t be purchased by individuals, in reality they can only be obtained by the military and essential services.   Feel free to contact me on this matter, or anything else that I might be able to help with.   Best regards,   John Responses to 1st Press Release (…)   Hello Andrew   Just received your PR web release and am reading the report.   I have been following this issue for some time and have been videoing our local skies for 3months.   Thank you so much and I have sent it everywhere.   I think the Greens really need to look at this but so far here it has fallen on deaf ears and the other parties deny it.   If I can Help let me know   John, Australia Dear Mr. Johnson,   A friend sent me your report about chemtrails in the U.K.  I have tracked them here in northern Arizona for the past two years, where skies are normally a bright, clear blue (or at least they used to be) for most days of the year.   The chemtrails have increased and become far worse over the past several years, along with extreme changes in  local climate and environment.  Respiratory problems are virtually epidemic and long-lasting.   Earlier this week, after a barrage of heavy spraying, I decided to e-mail NOAA through their website (unfortunately their form does not allow the addition of pictures) and received the response as indicated below.    Susan, Arizona Dear Andrew Johnson,   Have just read your excellent article on chemtrails, and agree 100% with your views and conclusions. I live near Exeter in the South-west, and have been concerned for some time about these aircraft sprayings, having a huge amount of air traffic here at times, and as you say, the sky ends up completely milky white.      I have taken digital camera pictures of these unmarked aircraft spraying overhead, sometimes as many as thirty or more aircraft in a very short time, spraying in a grid pattern it seems, and have looked up some mornings to find an X marks the spot in the sky overhead……… looks like a St.Andrews cross.   I’m quite interested in astronomy , and have a large pair of binoculars  80 x 20’s , but even with these there are no markings on these aircraft. I have seen a couple of aircraft with what look like extra tanks under the fuselage. With these binos I have also seen an aircraft that was spraying from the tailplane, the trails were not coming from anywhere near the engines…….. quite offset from the engine positions. So, yes we are being sprayed.     Where do these aircraft come from?   Surely someone must see this amount of air-traffic taking off and landing! It makes me so angry that these pilots could be doing this to us all……..and presumably to their own families. Perhaps these pilots don’t have the full story on what they are doing, or are paid huge amounts of money, or maybe they are flown remotely from a base somewhere.   Anyway, if I can help in any way to get to the bottom of this, please let me know, I’m so pleased to see someone in this country voicing the concerns I’ve had for a while now.   We need a lot of us to make a dent in this thing………and I don’t think the Gov’t will have a word of it…… tried that.  We need to know where these aircraft are based, who runs them, and who’s paying for all this.   James M. Hi Andrew, I have just been looking over your chemtrail dossier and I think think it is an excellent peice of work. Chemtrails first caught my attention after reading an article in nexus magazine around about 1998/99, and to be honest at that time in the UK I was not seeing any, so I just dismissed the idea as something that was happening in the US, if indeed it was happening at all, but still I decided to keep my eyes open just in case.   But then back in 2002 I was leaving my nephews house in North Shields Tyne & Wear to come home to Kelso just over the Scottish border.   From the main road near the tyne tunnel you can just see the cheviot hills that mark the border with Scotland and England, and amongst those hills is Otterburn military training camp. Now back then and reaching the rise on the main road I could see in the distance the cheviot hills, except this time I could make out a huge X in the sky, so all the way home I kept my eye on this X to try to discover it’s exact location and upon reaching wooler I could see that the X was amost above my head but to the left and which would have been directly over otterburn training camp and ever since that day these trails have been persistent over and near my home which is only about 20 miles from the training camp.   Now if you note, I first noticed this at the end of the summer in 2002 just as the case for the war in Iraq was being ramped up, any connection?   I have since taken many photos and videos of this phenomenon and also believe that last years spate of noctilucent clouds here in the UK may also be connected.   Keep up the good work Andrew.   Your’s sincerely,   John C Dear Mr. Johnson:   I am interested in your report and would like to communicate with you about some of the information that two of us have been researching since 1998.  We believe, however, that the program here in Northern California and Arizona dates back to 1988 or 1989, when the American taxpayer funding was made available for a wide variety of programs…which include the making of persistent jet contrails.  We believe that there may have been experiments prior to this date…however, technology and funding became available on a massive scale in the late 1980s.   If you would like to communicate with me this would be great.  I do intend to forward your site on the Internet here and in several places in the next couple of days.  I have a variety of government documents which might be of interest to you as well.     Your report is very good.   Sincerely,   Rosalind, California

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