Subliminal Chemtrails

Watch it all the way through…
Level 42 – Lessons in Love – 1986
Thanks to Toby Kell for this one…

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Subliminal Chemtrails – and In Kids Movies

Over the Hedge


Dan B


Jeff –

I was watching this film with my nephew and almost fell off the couch. About 43 minutes into the movie, a race takes place between two cars in the desert. In the sky you can clearly see chemtrails slashing through the sky with normal clouds around them.  

I took some screenshots for you to check out. The brainwashing is starting pretty early these days.

God help us!

Take care,

Dan B






Contrast Enhanced for clarity

UK Children’s Paperback Book (Spotted in 2009).

It’s a war-time story, but why the grid?

(Amazon Link) (Alibris)

Specsavers Ad (UK – I think)

2 minutes into this:……

Not so subliminal…

2013 – BBC Wimbledon Titles…

Also see  The Railway Children, Virgin Trains and Chemtrails

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