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Sites covering a range of topics

www.wholetruthcoalit… Various topics covered – daily postings re health issues and the NWO. Various topics covered – daily posting


Site for Merseyside based organisation which hosts talks and an annual conference

Alternative Science and History… Dr Joseph Farrell’s site about ancient Egypt, ancient technology and history leading up to "Nazi international"   Dr Paul La Violette’s site about Sub-quantum kinetics, pulsars, the secrets of antigravity and similar topics.


9/11 Related Prof Judy Wood’s a fascinating and detailed study of destruction at the World Trade Centre and the likely method used to destroy it.

Prof Morgan Reynolds’ site contains some very detailed and authoritative articles which everyone should take seriously 

UK Discussion Forum for 9/11 and other topics.


9/11 and New World Order

Downloadable Videos etc Gerard Holgren’s Long-running and very well researched site
killtown.911review.o… A great collection of evidence to be studied, but why no reference to Directed Energy Weapons on 9/11? Rosalee Grable site with detailed discussion of Naudet Brothers’ 1st impact shot and other videos of the 1st impact on the WTC.

Exopolitics/UFO/ET Related

www.starchildproject… Find out about an incredible artefact – the so-called "Starchild" Skull. Carbon-dated at  900-years old, it’s a real, bone skull with a combination of symmetric deformities which are unique in the world. Slideshows and video links available UK Site with plenty of good information and special interviews etc


Dr Steven Greer’s landmark disclosure project also delivers important information and testimony.


A fantastic archive of information related to US Presidents’ knowledge of the ET/UFO issue. There is far more her than you might suspect… Good database of accounts, photos, videos 

Large database of information, fantastic presentation
www.majesticdocument…  Leaked and declassified documents describing some of the Secret Government’s knowledge about this issue.…

Large volume of varied information.

Free Energy…  Excellent collection of links and resources for practical project.


Site founded by the late Dr Eugene Mallove

Detailed information on Cold Fusion (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions or Chemically Assisted Nuclear Reactions)


Sterling Allan’s comprehensive Site

Steven Greer’s free energy initiative

Col Tom Bearden’s site – with some highly detailed articles,, but why no reference to Directed Energy Weapons on 9/11? 


Tim Ventura’s comprehensive site 

Detailed diagrams and instructions on how to build your own devices!… 

UK Site – Get components to build your own devices – also, projects etc listed. Great stuff!

Crop Circles 

Lucy Pringle’s unparalleled collection of Crop Circle Photos


Stuart Dike and Mark Fussell’s excellent site


Some good research and articles by Ed and Chris Sherwood 

More marvellous photos by Steve Alexander 

Excellent resource of scientific analysis by Nancy Talbot, WC Levengood and others

Excellent Ground Photos

Mars, Solar System and Alternative Astronomy Tom Van Flandern’s site


Richard Hoagland’s important site, featuring many good articles by a number of prominent researchers.… 

More exploration of Martian Anomalies

Chemtrails & Weather Modification Clifford Carnicom’s important site – focusing on specific data analysis. One of the most useful Chemtrail references on the net.… Jeff Challendar has collected some interesting data – satellite photos and some unusual Chemtrail shots. UK site for Chemtrail discussion and analysis
www.stopchemtrailsuk… UK Chemtrail site – Yahoo group associated with it
www.chemtrailcentral… Chemtrail forum with lots of information and photos. Scott Steven’s very useful site showing many sky anomalies and Chemtrail photos.
www.educate-yourself…  Don Croft’s Chemtrail pages (loads more info on this site too).…  Satellite image data regarding the use of HAARP and GWEN weather modification…  More satellite anomalies which suggest manipulation
www.jmccanneyscience…  Site presentation is very basic, but there’s lots of interesting stuff here – an interesting audio archive too. But, no mention of weather modification used on 9/11.

7/7 Related

www.officialconfusio… Excellent database of 7/7 info and other topics  Campaign related site with quite a bit of info.

Health Related  "Discover the TRUTH about cancer that your Doctor doesn’t know and the Drug Companies hope you never find out!"… There are many cures for cancer – readily available – if you know where to look. However, pharmaceutical companies put profits before health, so they crush and suppress the cheap, safe non-toxic treatments in favour of less effective toxic treatments.

Leonard Horowitz’s interesting and informative sites. AIDS was bio-engineered
www.politicsinhealin…  Read about 8 cures for cancer which have been crushed and suppressed in the USA by the FDA. Also looks at the story of DMSO (see next link) Dimethyl Sulfoxide – a cheap, safe treatment for many ailments. Clinically tested – then suppressed.  Cancer cures – and more…  Dr Rebecca Carley’s site with information about the real nature of Vaccines and how harmful they can be.

Consciousness / Spiritual  Near Death Experience Research Foundation – NDERF Is the largest NDE Website in the world with over 1000 full-text published NDE accounts
www.humanresonance.o…  A look at resonance patterns, and how humans are involved in them Consciousness issues and "the matrix", various analyses Learn about things like the "wholeness navigator" and how each us could be considered a "sovereign integral". The content of this site is simply on a different level to most others that I have seen.
noosphere.princeton….  The Global Consciousness Project, also called the EGG Project, is an international, multidisciplinary collaboration of scientists, engineers, artists and others. This website introduces methods, technology, and empirical results under the "Scientific Work" menu below, and gives background, interpretations, and implications under "Aesthetic View". Mixture of Consciousness related topics – <style="mso-bidi-font-weight: />all aspects of the universe are connected and that there are no limits to what we can possess or what we can become. 




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