The Case for Antigravity

The Case for Antigravity – 2010 by CheckTheEvidence

Just imagine the difference working antigravity technology would make to our world – perhaps almost effortless travel – at enormous speed. In this presentation, we ask has working antigravity technology been developed? Is it already in use?

We take a look at the evidence from the last 100 years (arguably longer) and consider the reasons for what looks like a comprehensive cover up. In the process we will cover the experiments of Thomas Townsend Brown and John Hutchison and the incredible Coral Castle and the secret Aurora Aircraft development Programme.

Andrew Johnson presented "The Case for Antigravity" at the 2nd Annual British Exopolitics Expo on Saturday August 7th, 2010 held at the University of Leeds.

This presentation asks: What is Gravity? What is Anti-Gravity? What evidence is there that technology, other than “conventional” aerospace technology, exists which could be thought of as being “Anti-Gravity” or something attempting to control Gravity?

It then looks at:

  • Some History of Antigravity Research
  • Some of the Research of Nick Cook
  • The Hutchison Effect
  • Some Antigravity Experiments Coral Castle (Florida)
  • Alleged Black Projects in the USA
  • Sightings of Flying Triangles
  • Hints of “New Technology” which have come from NASA

Sources of Information Used:

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