9/11 Truth Campaign Report Part 1

9/11 Truth Campaign (Britain & Ireland)

A Report Originally Compiled

 For the 

Rt. Hon. Michael Meacher, MP

and any other

Interested Readers

October 28th 2006

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1       Introduction. 4

1.1       Production of this Report. 4

1.2       Note about the Purpose of This Report. 5

1.3       An Opinion – An answer to “Why is this important?”. 5

1.4       Acknowledgements. 5

2       UK Campaign History. 6

2.1       Early Days – 2004. 6

2.2       The “Jimmy Walter Roadshow” – London/Manchester – May/June 2005. 6

2.3       “Mission to Sedgefield”. 6

2.4       Online Petition.. 7

2.5       Scotland.. 7

2.6       Ireland (Eire)

1         Introduction

This report attempts to describe the current state of the British 9/11 Truth Campaign. (To describe it as a “single entity”, however, is perhaps inaccurate as will become clear once the content of this report has been digested).


It has been prepared using some material from other authors, which has been posted, on the 9/11 Campaign forum (www.nineeleven.co.uk… ). Due to lack of time and resources, the report should not be taken to be a particularly authoritative one, although the author has done his best to present accurate information, and a sensible interpretation of it.


The report contains the following section:


·        History

·        Current Status/Overview

·        Campaign Elements and Initiatives

·        Notes about the Web Forum

·        List of Key Events

·        List of Media Appearances/Mentions

·        Reports on several Key Events

·        Sample Correspondence with Media, Politicians etc


Approximately half of the sample correspondence section is drawn from Andrew Johnson’s “personal collection” – this should not be taken to show that he is the only person who has been involved with correspondence, but rather as a problem that we are essentially “individual campaigners” rather than a coherent/well-funded and well-organised campaign such as “Stop the War” or NO2ID. (Indeed, for some campaigners, this is part of the 9/11 Truth Campaign’s appeal).


Production of this report has presented an opportunity to collate and review information, though it is not necessarily meant to be used as a basis on which future plans can be made, nor is it meant to be a commentary on the successes or failures of the campaign – it is mainly a collated set of documentation about what has happened up to this point, with an attempt to highlight the most important events. Ian Neal describes the nature of the UK Campaign Entity as follows:


“The campaign is in fact a loose network of individuals who are united in our demand for a further independent investigation of 9/11, who use a combination of local meetings, emails and a public discussion forum to keep in touch with each other and help each other advance projects which are the initiatives of individual supporters. We do not and never have had the intention to collect all forms of ‘truth seeker’ together under the control of one governing body.


Further supporting documentation is provided in a set of appendices. A review of this information will show that the campaign is real and is growing in its significance.

1.1          Production of this Report

This whole report has been written, compiled and produced in less than 1 week (and in the author’s spare time), with assistance provided by other campaigners in the review phase, so please bear that in mind when judging any aspects of its content, structure or overall quality. It has only undergone a brief review by fellow campaigners. It should therefore not be taken to be an authoritative or definitive statement about the view of all British 9/11 Truth Campaigners (especially the content of sections 10 and 11).

1.2          Note about the Purpose of This Report

The purpose of this report is not to document the evidence for the official story of 9/11 being almost completely false – that has already been established in hundreds of books and videos. The purpose is to give a brief history of the UK Campaign and present a “snapshot” of certain aspects of its current state.

1.3          An Opinion – An answer to “Why is this important?”

It is the author’s view that the evidence presented in this selection of documentation proves that there is a global cover up of 9/11 Truth – only made possible by a pervasive psychology of fear, denial and ridicule. Ultimately, it may be shown, using this and other 9/11 Truth evidence, that many organisations through their action or inaction are complicit in the cover up of the true crimes of 9/11. These organisations really do need to take a long hard look at the evidence – and at themselves, if Western (and possibly global) Civilisation is to have a chance of preventing itself from political, social and even environmental destruction.

1.4          Acknowledgements

I am grateful to Ian Neal (ianneal@fastmail.fm), Belinda McKenzie (b.mckenzie@btinterne…), Justin Walker (jrgwalker@aol.com), Ian Crane (ianr.crane@virgin.ne…) Annie Machon (anniemachon@yahoo.co…) and Noel Glynn (Xmasdale@aol.com) for their comments on, and contributions to, this report. I am also grateful to them for their tireless and tremendous efforts and sacrifices to the Campaign for 9/11 Truth. Jim Robinson has also been a key player in the set, design and maintenance of the UK 9/11 Campaign Website Forum (www.nineeleven.co.uk…)


I am also grateful to all the campaigners in our loose association – whether they are mentioned in this report or not – for their individual efforts to distribute the information that other outlets will not.


Special thanks must also go to Jimmy Walter for his incredible and generous actions which kick-started our UK campaigning activities.

2         UK Campaign History

This section discusses the formation of the UK campaign, but may omit key figures and names and dates, due to there being a lack of central documentation.

2.1          Early Days – 2004

The beginnings of the UK campaign were probably in January 2004. Ian Neal had asked for a meeting with Simon Aronowitz, Nafeez Ahmed and Ian Henshall following Ian Neal becoming aware of Ian Henshall’s website (www.911dossier.co.uk…). Several concerned individuals in London had meetings about the problems with the Official Story (termed “Official Conspiracy Theory” – OCT) of 9/11. Among this group were Ian Neal and Noel Glynn – themselves both still very active members of the UK Campaign.


Campaign Chairman, Ian Crane, had been researching problems with the Official Story since 2002.


Independently of one another, Justin Walker (a former Green Party Member) and Andrew Johnson also began to become active around September 2004, but were working very much in isolation, or only with a small number of friends or associates. Through videos such as “In Plane Site” and “9/11: The Great Illusion” we had all become aware of the serious problems with the OCT.


Andrew Johnson had already befriended Belinda McKenzie through a mutual interest and we first began to focus on 9/11 Truth issues in late 2004.


During meetings in either 2004 or early 2005, David Shayler and Annie Machon came into contact with members of the then embryonic London Group and soon after, started to speak publicly about 9/11 Truth issues. Rather abruptly, David’s involvement as a speaker for the Stop the War Coalition came to an end – they refused to give him a platform (despite the evidence) to talk about 9/11 Truth.


Other existing campaign members were probably ahead of all of us in realising the OCT was a lie. Ian Crane had been researching the matters since about 2002. It is likely that Ian Henshall and Rowland Morgan were also looking at the evidence at this time.


The most catalysing event for the formation of a more coherent campaigning entity came in May 2005.

2.2          The “Jimmy Walter Roadshow” – London/Manchester – May/June 2005

With the Friends’ Meeting House in Euston only about 1/3 filled, many of the campaigners mentioned above – and a good few others met for the 1st time as we listened to and watched Jimmy Walter, William Rodriguez (last man to be pulled alive from the WTC rubble), Chris Bollyn, Thierry Meyssan and Eric Hufschmid. The event was introduced by Ian Henshall. There was also a well-attended evening of movies in the Prince Charles Cinema off Leicester Square.


An identical event in Manchester drew a larger attendance of about 500 people. These events were essentially a “scaled down replay” of those that Jimmy organised in the USA. Jimmy then went on to deliver similar presentations in a number of European Cities.

2.3          “Mission to Sedgefield”

At around the same time, Justin Walker, Simon Aronowitz and others delivered a deposition to Tony Blair’s house in Sedgefield and 17,000 copies of Jimmy’s comprehensive DVD presentation “Confronting the Evidence” were distributed to houses in the area.


Following Jimmy’s generous donation of books and DVD’s, the UK Campaign began to move forward slowly and people were able to distribute materials as a way of awakening people to the truth.


Though an e-mail distribution list was already kept by one of the London Campaigners, and Simon Aronowitz had already set up a Website for the UK campaign, featuring some of his own articles and video clips, he was persuaded to allow the domain name (www.nineeleven.co.uk…) to host a Forum where messages and articles could be posted more easily. This came into being in July 2005 and its membership has steadily increased to just over 1000 (as of 16th October 2006 – See section 8 for a further discussion of the Internet Forum). Not all posters are active.

2.4          Online Petition

In October 2005, an Online Petition was created, but this has so far only garnered about 810 signatures (discounting duplicates. This contrasts with approximately 11,000 signatures captured in for the Scholars for 9/11 Truth petition in a shorter period.)  A copy of this petition is included in Appendix E.

2.5          Scotland

There are a number of active campaigners in Scotland – including Keith Mothersson and Kenny McGuire. Keith has made a number of highly significant contributions to the Campaign and Kenny, despite his limited funds, has also worked hard to distribute materials in his local area.

2.6          Ireland (Eire)

Morgan Stack is a member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth and has been extremely vigorous in his campaigning with regular “visits” to RTE and a number of media appearances, as well as organising a number of conferences and events, supported by both Webster Tarpley and David Shayler and Annie Machon. Morgan is standing as a candidate for The Dail – the Republic’s parliament – on the “9/11 Truth Ticket”. A separate appendix has been included which Morgan provided for this report/compilation of information.


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