Billion Dollar Secret…

Billion Dollar Secret is a 1999 TLC Video that was distributed by Discovery Channel Video. This film, written and narrated by Nick Cook, investigates military "black projects" in the United States as a possible explanation for many UFO sightings. The following refers to the approximately one-hour version. There are two one-hour episodes.

Billion Dollar Secret Parts 1 & 2:

The programme starts by speaking of the annual Pentagon budget of 250 billion dollars which is submitted to congress for approval. From his office in London, Cook asserts that if all the line items are calculated, there is a mismatch of about 20 billion dollars, which he claims is used for ‘black projects.’ He then visits America, speaking with several known personalities including a design engineer who worked for the then (1940-50s) Convair company on a design known as the ‘Fish.’ He also meets with a serving congressman, Dana Rohrbacker, who supports Cooks’ belief in the often denied ‘Aurora’ spyplane project which has allegedly replaced the SR-71 Blackbird. Now firmly onto a good thing, Cook visits scientist/engineer and ex-Lockheed Martin Skunk Works guru, Boyd Bushman to try and find catch up with the latest developments in aviation technology. Discussions and investigations into antigravity propulsion ensue with some interesting footage of experiments wherein objects ‘lose weight’ and lift off a workbench when showered with certain energies. Meantime we are treated to trying to find an explanation and/or solution to popular ‘cattle mutilations’ which have been occurring in the US for over four decades. The documentary raises some interesting questions about governmental expenditure of taxpayers money without the taxpayer ever knowing where it went or why. During the course of this almost hour long documentary, various other interviewees–in the main, common people like farmers, aviation buffs and UFO investigstors–come forth with their handles on what, where, why and who could be initiating the various phenomenon. In one interview, an average farmer speaks of being woken late one cold winter night to note a helicopter which had no engine noise hovering over his farmhouse. He tried to ascertain if it was a turbine or mechanical engine, having had some experience in the reserve marines assisting with helicopters. However, the only sound it made was the blades swishing in the air and downdraft of wind. Next morning he wakes up to find a mutilated cow outside. Some amateur footage of mutilations is also shown. In another interview, the person speaks of a well-reputed gentleman’s encounter with a ‘mile long metallic craft with lights’ soundlessly hovering above the ground while out jogging in the American countryside. This jogger was apparently an ex-serviceman who was very shaken up by what he saw and actually called NORAD to ask them if any unusual flights had been scheduled in the vicinity.

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