Ron Paul: “9/11 Was Absolutely NOT An Inside Job”

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-08-07 19:30:31

Sad but true… www.911researchers.c…   If one would listen to the liars in 911 Truth movements you would think that Ron Paul was one of them. They are such easy prey. Just thinking about how easy it is to fool them. It might be hard for them to swallow this right from Ron Paul’s lips. Read my lips, absolutely not an inside job! Lookee here folks, if you think the pied pipers are feeding your dreams of justice you are following the wrong horse. This guy might have seemed good, but he is part of the problem. His whole deck of cards is based on a deal with the government called a license to pretend he can pick out what pill to push. He has one to give you real pills and one to suck your back pockets dry. If Ron Paul gave a crap he would not be standing around so long in government without doing something. He IS part of it. Gonna be, always will. You want change, you got to DO it. Don’t expect some politician to do it for you.

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