“Defining Terrorism” – Meeting Chaired by Lord Carlile

Here I relate to you an experience I had  regarding an event called "Defining Terrorism". This was a public consultation forum which was chaired by Lord Carlile and it was held in the Albert Hall, Nottingham on Friday 7th July. The event was “sponsored” by the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB –  details here: www.mcb.org.uk/featu… )

I spent some hours writing out a "deposition" (see below) to read out. Due to work commitments and traffic, I arrived about 50 minutes into the event, just towards the end of the 4th speaker’s presentation. (None of the speakers questioned the official stories, of 7/7 and 9/11, so I was later told). A gentleman in his 80’s was the first member of the public to speak and he spoke for 3 or 4 minutes.

I then stepped up and managed to read out about 1/2 a page, before I was interrupted by Lord Carlile and then asked what definition of I was referring to. "State sponsored terrorism" I replied. I was then asked to let someone else speak, with the suggestion that my points would be returned to at the end "if there was time". Though I was very keen to get to end of my list, I am not an adversarial or confrontational person by nature, so I reluctantly complied with his request. However, the next person who spoke, a lady who happened to be sitting next to me (and no, I had never met her before), spoke in support of what I had managed to say. Though later on, I made another point, to agree with other members of the audience (of about 18-20 people) that existing laws should be used where terrorist acts caused a loss of life or damage to property,  I was not given another opportunity (nor was I invited) to finish my original list. I had presumed the meeting was scheduled to run 2-4 as most other people seemed to have finished making points and Lord Carlile wrapped the meeting up at 4. I did not, therefore, seek another opportunity to “finish my list” at the end.  I later discovered that the scheduled running time was until 4:30 (see link above).

I did, however, present Lord Carlile with a pack of information, including an audio CD, 2 DVD’s and copies of our UK 9/11 Truth petition and the Scholars for 9/11 Truth Petition (printed out on about 80 sheets of paper) totalling over 11,000 signatures. I also included a copy of an earlier ST911 press release.

I gave each panel member a DVD. After the event, whilst apologising for the intrusion, I e-mailed all panellists my list of points below, which I was prevented from reading to the end, so that they then had the information about the group I was (essentially) speaking on behalf of.

Questions for the Forum “Defining Terrorism”

7th July 2006, Nottingham Albert Hall

We have all been told that the Official Stories of both the 9/11 and 7/7 tragedies are essentially true in all the important respects. However, there are now a growing number of disparate groups who are questioning these assumptions. This is a necessary and very important process, due to

(a)                the initial reluctance of the Bush Administration to set up an investigation into the events of 9/11. (They only did so following demands from victims families.)

(b)                The refusal of this government to set up a public enquiry into the 7/7 bombings, even when substantial pieces of legislation have been introduced or amended on the basis of the assumed nature the 7/7 and 9/11 tragedies.

Here, I list some of the specific questions about 7/7 and 9/11 events, pertaining to hard, factual and easily verifiable evidence, which must be answered as completely and honestly as possible if a true understanding of the nature of terrorism is to be gained.

These questions are presented here for the public record and a response is not expected at this meeting, though any considered answers will be appreciated.

9/11 Questions

  • Why did World Trade Centre Building 7 (WTC 7) collapse at free-fall rate, in 6.6 seconds, into its own footprint, when no plane hit it?
  • Why did the WTC’s owner, Larry Silverstein, state that WTC 7 had to be “pulled” by the fire department and yet the FEMA report said “[how the fires caused the collapse] remain[s] unknown at this time”?
  • Why did World Trade Centre (WTC) Buildings 1 & 2 collapse at near “free-fall” rate, with many witness reports of explosions (the sound of large explosions was also recorded, from 2 miles away, on Rick Siegel’s video camera).
  • The official account of the collapses of WTC 1 & 2 describes a “Pancake collapse”, so why was a pyroclastic flow of dust seen when the buildings collapsed, rather than a “pile of pancakes”?
  • Why did none of the 19 hijackers appear on the passenger lists?
  • Why were the flights’ Black Boxes supposedly never recovered, though at least 1 witness says he helped the FBI find them at the WTC?
  • How can the Cellphone calls have worked when this technology is only rated to work reliably up to speeds of 140 miles per hour?
  • Why was the wreckage of Flight 93, which crashed into the ground in Shanksville Pennsylvania, spread over an area of 8 square miles?
  • Why do the photos of the Flight 93 and the Pentagon crash sites show no LARGE pieces of wreckage?
  • Why, when requested, was no clear film released of the supposed plane that hit the Pentagon? 
  • At The Pentagon,  how were bodies from the Boeing 757 identified by DNA tests, while at the same time 60 tons of metal supposedly vaporized?
  • Why did NORAD’s standard defence procedures (which were activated 67 times in the 12 months before 9/11) all fail on that single morning?

These are just some of at least 400 questions, pertaining to hard, factual evidence, which have not been answered by the 9/11 Commission Report. Additional related questions are:

  • Why would Florida millionaire property developer, Jimmy Walter give away 350,000 DVDs and spend $6 million in presenting an alternative analysis to the public to answer some of the questions raised above?
  • Why have a group of over 300 Scholars (myself included), stated in a press release they reject the Official Story of 9/11 as a Hoax?
  • Why have the BBC failed to report the formation of the Scholars for 9/11 Truth Association, despite the News Director (Helen Boaden) acknowledging e-mail messages sent to her about this matter?
  • Why have the other mainstream media organisations also not reported the group’s formation, nor its submission of a petition to the US congress (signed by 11,000 people) to ask for the release of evidence? (Copy included here).
  • Why have over 500 people signed our UK Petition to the Government and Media calling for an international independent inquiry into 9/11?
  • Why have Hollywood actors Charlie Sheen and Ed Asner publicly questioned the official account of 9/11 and why have the true nature of their remarks not been mentioned by the BBC or in any UK mainstream media outlet?

Questions on the 7/7 Bombings

·         Why did Peter Power of Visor Consultants state that his organisation was running an exercise at the same time as the actual bombings – with simultaneous bombs going off at the exact stations where the real events occurred?

·         Why did a photo published in the Daily Mail on 28th July show damage consistent with a bomb being under the train?

  • Why did Mark Honigsbaum’s initial Report from Edgware Road specifically state that witnesses said there was “a massive explosion and some passengers described how the tiles… the covers on the floor of the train suddenly flew up… rose up”?
  • Why did Eyewitness Bruce Lait’s account in the Cambridge Evening News state the policeman said “mind that hole, that’s where the bomb was’. The metal was pushed upwards as if the bomb was underneath the train.” Why did he say  “They seem to think the bomb was left in a bag, but I don’t remember anybody being where the bomb was, or any bag,"
  • Why did Mr Blair, announce at 3pm on 7th July that the supposed attack bore “all the hallmarks of an Al Qaida attack” before any evidence had been properly gathered?
  • Why was the train that the Suicide Bombers are supposed to have caught from Luton cancelled on that morning?
  • On the single CCTV Image of the four accused suicide bombers together, why does one of the railings appear to go in front of the left arm of one of the men, when the railings are clearly behind him? Why are none of their faces easily recognisable?
  • What was the reason for the changing story about what type of explosives were used?
  • Why have all these critical questions, based on easily verified evidence, not been asked by any of the mainstream media?

Until these questions are addressed (rather than being ignored) – by the Government, The Police, the Intelligence services and the mainstream media – everyone should doubt that the official stories of these tragedies are accurate. Everyone should be extremely concerned by existing official statements made regarding these issues.  They should also be concerned about proposed legislation which pertains to these events such as SOCA, LRR and CCA. They should ask questions and demand answers.

I hereby present the panel with this list of questions and accompanying evidence and petitions, on behalf of Scholars for 9/11 Truth and over 10,000 people who have signed those petitions. Thank you.

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