FW: Rhythmic Crop Circle – Part 2

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-08-16 12:19:45

From Frank Da Silva  From: Frank Ða Silva [mailto:crystaleagle@gmail.c…]Sent: 15 August 2007 23:35Subject: Rhytmic Crop Circle – Part 2 Hi :: allI just can’t resist myself.. I loved this Crop Circle! Amazing coonection… a simple design — so much meaning!! Check link below for Part 1 and 2!!    Furthermore, on close inspection, one can see that its “filled circle” contains 13 smaller mini-swirls:     Taken together, both observations lead one to believe that those crop artists are trying to tell us about “6 days”  from their ancient 13-month calendar (based on motions of Venus and the Sun), where any month contained 20 days, and any year contained 13 x 20 = 260 days.   The “long bar” in that same crop picture is skewed with respect to a nearby tramline by approximately 10 degrees. Such a small but precise angle might be intended to represent the small angular fraction of “6 days” within any complete 260-day Mayan year as (6 / 260) x 360 = 8.3 degrees. But I cannot be sure from current photographs: would someone like to measure in the field?   Why would they show us the ancient Mayan symbol for “6 days” right now, on a particular date of August 12, 2007?   In the context of other pictures from 2007, this new message seems to represent the continuation of some countdown until a significant if unknown event on August 18. That same date was implied symbolically at East Field on July 7 in terms of “lunar cycles”, at Sugar Hill on August 1 in terms of “cube sundials”, and at Pewsey on August 4  in terms of a “solar-lunar calendar”.   The Sun and Venus are moving towards an inferior conjunction on August 18, thereby ending their current 260-day Sun-Venus calendar, and beginning another. So they could be trying to tell us about that, or maybe something else entirely?   In the context of other pictures from 2004 or 2005, this new message seems to represent the continuation of Mayan Sunstone messages from Silbury 2004 and Wayland’s Smithy 2005. The latter also coded for a near-future date of August 16-19, 2007 in terms of an ancient 52-year Sun-Venus calendar.   Part 1: www.cropcircleconnec… Part 2: www.cropcircleconnec… — FranK Da Silva :: DMT-Labs: www.cybernest.infoGR…: www.lawoftime.org

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